Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tokyo with Zg, Day 7, Tsukiji, Ginza, Roppongi

We started the day early at Tsukiji which was insanely crowded. Every single sushi restaurant was packed to the brim, and there were loads of people queuing in front. If you intend to go for sushi, make it a point to go earlier. Like way early in the morning. 

To reach Tsukiji, take the Oedo Subway from Shinjuku Station to Tsukiji-Shijo Station. 

We walked to Ginza, which took us about 15 to 20 minutes. It was a very interesting walk, and we went by many interesting little shops and neighborhoods along the way. The roads in Ginza were closed during the day as it was a weekend. There was something liberating about strolling along the road without the fear of traffic. 

We had lunch at a traditional soba place (Tanaka-ya Soba) at Matsuya Departmental Store before continuing our little walk around the area. Found Manneken tucked in a corner of a busy junction and joined the queue for yummy waffles!

Went to the Mori Tower Observation Deck. Admission is 1500 yen with an additional 500 yen for the sky deck. I would strongly recommend paying the additional 500 yen for the sky deck because the view from the sky deck was really breath-taking. The sky deck is actually a helipad which provides a glorious 360 degree open air view of Tokyo. You could see Mount Fuji on one side, and the Tokyo Tower on the other. If you are lucky, you can even catch the setting sun! The Tokyo Tower was beyond beautiful when it lit up. 

We had dinner at Roppongi that night and this marked the end of our spectacular Tokyo trip together! Thank you Zg for being my awesome travel companion on this exciting little trip, for being the better navigator than I am, and for all the fun and laughter we had together in Tokyo. Exploring Tokyo was not completely magical or fuss-free, and we had our little moments where we struggled with the foreign language, the extremely confusing train system, crowds, and rain. But it was definitely a great experience! 

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