Friday, 2 January 2015

Dojo, Circular Road

Yay to a new place for lunch! Nestled in Circular Road which is the foodie heaven for all who work in the area, Dojo serves fantastic pork burgers. I'm pleasantly surprised to find a burger place which focuses only on pork burgers, perfect for the non-beef eater (i.e. me). Most burger joints are famous for their beef burgers and I always have to settle for their less-than-perfect chicken or pork burgers. Finally! Pork burgers are finally in vogue!

Dojo was really crowded during lunch hours and they were terribly short-handed so we helped ourselves by shifting tables around and forming our own little corner that could sit four of us. The menu was placed on the counter so we had to crowd around the counter while deciding what to eat. Hadoken was sold out (it was only 1pm!) because they ran out of chilli meat sauce so I went for Kaiju ($12) because I love mushrooms.

The burgers are served with fries and can drink/ water. After placing your order at the counter, simply head for the fridge and you can help yourselves to the drinks there. I chose water because I was attempting to be healthy. You could add $2 to add chilli meat sauce to your fries but they had no more chilli meat sauce! So I was left with the usual fries. 

The waitress handed us a buzzer but the buzzer was truly pretty useless. It did not ring until after the food was served, which pretty much defeated the purpose of having a buzzer in the first place. Plus, the wait was really long. I guess that was unavoidable with the huge lunch crowd. 

My Kaiju burger came with a really tender and juicy pork patty and thick mushroom sauce. I love that I could taste bits of mushrooms in the sauce, unlike the usual "mushroom" sauce which is generally just brown. The pork patty sat beneath the mushroom sauce and a slice of cheese which melted slightly. This was really good!

The burger was not big but I was really full from my lunch. This was an awesome hearty lunch and I will be back!

72 Circular Road
11:00 - 21:30

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