Tuesday, 25 October 2016

USA Itinerary (New York) Day 14 - Dominique Ansel Bakery, South Street Seaport, Sarabeth, Keens Steakhouse, Avenue Q

Another cronut run at Dominique Ansel Bakery for breakfast. Aside from the delicious strawberry rhubarb cronuts, we also had croissants and steaming mugs of coffee. Managed to snag a table at the back facing the courtyard but it was way too cold to be sitting in the courtyard so everyone was just milling around the few tables at the back.

Headed down to South Street Seaport to grab some cheap tickets from the TKTS branch there. We did our research and realised that the South Street Seaport branch opened the earliest so we hurried down when it opened. The day was cold and frigid, and being near the port certainly didn't help. The queue for tickets was super long so we took turns to stand in the cold. Thankfully there were some nearby shops which we could run into when it got too cold. 

After grabbing some really awesome seats for Avenue Q, we went into Abercrombie nearby and bought a lot of shirts and casual wear. The boyfriend is a huge Abercrombie fan! We took a stroll around the port, saw some really large ships, and ran off quickly because it was just too cold.

Had lunch at Sarabeth which was quite a disappointment. They served us with dirty unwashed utensils and were totally nonchalant about it when we told them. Food was all right, not the best, but service was truly lacking.

Walked around Fifth Avenue a bit, explored the Apple Shop and strolled past the Trump Tower.

Took the bus down to Keens Steakhouse for a very delicious dinner!

We were seated in the Bull Moose Room which was so beautiful with its paneled walls and that large bull moose in the middle of the room. It is apparently in honour of Theodore Roosevelt who used to frequent the restaurant. Check out the ceiling where there is an almost infinite array of pipes which, according to research, dates back to the days when Keens Steakhouse was a pipe club. At the entrance of the restaurant, there is a glass panel mounted with the pipes of all the famous patrons of the pipe club in the good old days. 

Stef, King and Zg had a great time with the beef. According to Zg, it was truly one of the best beef he had ever tasted! I don't do beef so I had the thick cut bacon and roast chicken. The thick cut bacon was AMAZING. Keens Steakhouse is a very interesting place to dine in and I would strongly suggest you visit even if you do not take beef. I mean, I don't take beef and I still had an awesome time in the restaurant. 

Headed to New World Stages for Avenue Q. Such a funny musical! I loved it! I really wish I could watch good musicals in Singapore often but, frankly, it is too costly a hobby to indulge in regularly. 

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

USA Itinerary Day 13 - Woodsbury! And Meijin Ramen.

I am finally inching towards the end of my USA East Coast series.

Had breakfast at a local bread store around the corner before picking up our rental car from Dollar. Drove to Woodsbury where we did more crazy shopping. Brands like Kate Spade and Coach are really very much cheaper in US! I also bought a pair of Timberland boots so I finally own a pair of waterproof boots for those trips in cold rainy weather. (And because I am so slow in posting this blog post, the said pair of boots has already accompanied me on two such trips!)

The drive back was really scary though because there was no street lamp along the interstate so it was incredibly dark outside. Coupled with the blustering wind, rain, and our car windows fogging up because of the cold made me really nervous. Hugs to Zg! When we finally reached New York City, King and Stef went to return the car (thank you!) while Zg and I had Japanese ramen at Meijin ramen. Also ordered some hot sake for us to fight the cold. While the ramen was not mind blowing, I was super satisfied to have a bowl of hot soup and hot sake on such a cold rainy night.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Tuk Tuk Cha - my favourite Thai milk tea!

Been mad busy with some stuff on the personal side of the house recently so I haven't found the time and energy to blog much. In fact, I am finding it so hard just to post my ultra backdated draft posts these days. Omg need to get my act together.

Anyway so i tried Soi 55 which was so good the first time I tasted it that I convinced myself that it was worth the walk from the office to Golden Shoe for a second cup a few weeks later only to be sorely disappointed. Discovered Tuk Tuk Cha one evening at Suntec City with the boyfriend and we ordered a cup of iced thai milk tea to try. We were instantly hooked! Thick, fragrant milk tea which was not cloyingly sweet and it reminded me of the happy days in Bangkok :):) 

I was afraid it would turn out to be just like Soi 55, an amazing first encounter and a pathetic second so I decided to return another night for yet more thai milk tea. This time I chose to have the hot thai milk tea. The hot drink was certainly thicker, stronger and more fragrant than the iced version, which made it such a perfect perk-me-up. Unfortunately, I had the drink mere hours before bedtime which meant I spent a large part of my night tossing and turning. 

3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Tower 3
It's like a small shop in the middle of the pathway, facing a winter wear shop. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

USA Itinerary (New York) Day 12 - Chelsea Market, High Line Park, Bryant Park

Our Delta flight from Orlando back to New York was delayed. We were not informed till the very last minute, there was little word of apology or any form of communication, and everyone was just sitting around waiting for things to happen. But we got to New York safely and that was all that matters. Stef and King were running late for their Book of Mormon musical so we headed separately after checking into our Airbnb apartment. Our second airbnb apartment was in Upper East Side and was a pretty quaint little place.

Zg and I headed to Chelsea Market for our late lunch/early dinner. I really really liked the place and it was so much fun to just walk around, stop and grab some yummy food, and just soak up the vibe. It reminded me a lot of Pasarbella in Turf City.

We had Lobster Roll at Lobster Place. It was good but I'm going back for another lobster roll at Luke's instead of Lobster Place any day. 

We also had Mokbar Classic Ramen at Mok Bar which served korean ramen. Added a poached egg and it was loveeee. So good. Not as spicy as the ones I had in Korea or Singapore, but it was still really delicious. Maybe I just really missed Asian food at this point in time.

We also had tacos at the No. 1 Tacos and it was SO GOOD. When Zg was queuing for the taco, this friendly guy behind told him that this taco was really the best in New York. Well, we haven't eaten any other taco in New York and cannot be sure whether his claim was true, but it was truly delicious!

It started to rain as we tried to explore High Line Park which made the walk really difficult. Also, it was getting late and the place became really quiet and dark after awhile so we left pretty quickly. What a bummer though, it looked like such a nice interesting place to be.

We took the train to Fifth Avenue for a stroll through Bryant Park and to check out the Rockefeller at night with a row of cherry blossoms. I didn't notice the cherry blossoms the first time I was at Rockefeller on Day 1 of our trip and it was a surprise to see them in full bloom the second time I came around. Just goes to show that sometimes we miss out on the most beautiful things without meaning to. 

We had a lot of fun in Bryant Park. The rain had just stopped and the ground was wet with puddles of rainwater and we were trying to hop around the puddles. We failed and eventually decided to just stomp around and kick water everywhere. There was nobody else in this quiet park, the night was cold, our breaths were warm, and we laughed and giggled into the night. I still remember that night now with so much fondness. 

We wanted to head to a rooftop bar for a drink but we were lazy, and it started to rain again, so we hopped onto a bus and went back to the apartment. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Chew Kee Soya Sauce Chicken, Chinatown

So this is Amanda's and my favourite lunch spot whenever we cannot decide where to go for lunch. Inevitably, one of us would suggest soya sauce chicken, the other would agree, we would hurry out of the building to catch a bus down, I would search my Notes for the buses that take us there, we reach in a jiffy, shuffle over and try to get the impatient aunties to get us a seat.

When we are in our normal frame of mind, we each order a plate of soya sauce chicken noodle and a dumpling soup.

When we are upset about life and want to stab something, we decide that getting fat is the best way to make ourselves feel better and we will order a half chicken and a dumpling soup. Truth be told, I will never be able to finish my half of the half chicken (i.e. I cannot finish 1/4 chicken). So Amanda has to finish like 3/4 of the half chicken while I do the remaining 1/4. Math ttm.

This soya sauce chicken noodle never fail to make me feel happier. I like the springy noodles with the soya sauce. The chicken is very soft and totally soaks up the sauce. I heard there is another store along the same row. Totally got to check it out soon during the next lunch with Amanda!

8 Upper Cross Street (it is in a corner of the shop house)

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

We ain't ever getting older

We ain't ever getting older. 

I don't care if you call me young, immature, or that I clearly cannot comprehend the world. I don't need to comprehend the world. 

I'm still filled with a child-like curiosity about everything. I still wonder why the sky is blue, why moments are fleeting, what is happiness. I still sit down in places with a good view of the bay and marvel at all that beauty. I still stop and stare whenever I see a glorious sunset. Every single time. It does not bore me. 

I still behave ridiculously like myself and I still enjoy my drinks. OK.

I am glad for all these and more. Much much more. 


Friday, 19 August 2016

Tolido's Espresso Nook

With the Entertainer App, I love heading to Tolido's Espresso Nook after our weekly gym sessions because it is near my hood, super convenient, and not that crowded on Sundays. So after being a hamster on the treadmill for a bit, pumping some iron, rolling around on the mat, we shower and make our way to Tolido's rather often. We also found out that they have wifi for those who need to catch up on work! 

The menu. This is an outdated version and I haven't been earnest enough to take pics of the newer menu. But the gist is there. I think?

Here are some of the dishes we tried. We are creatures of habit so we tend to gravitate back to the same items over and over again.

Prawn Laksa Pasta ($16.90). I love laksa pasta! I always say this but I really do love laksa pasta. The thick laksa sauce just goes so well with pasta and fresh crunchy prawns. It can get quite heavy and creamy after a while, so the best thing to do is to share this!

The boyfriend's favourite: Spaghetti Vongole ($16.90). Very fresh clams, al dente pasta, and a very light white wine base.

Flat white because I need my coffee.

Mushroom Aglio Olio with Seafood ($16.90). The seafood was very fresh in this one and the pasta was al dente. But the Aglio Olio style of pasta at Tolido's was a little bland for me and could probably do with more condiments. Good for those with a light palate.

I enjoy being in Tolido's because it feels like part of a neighborhood that I grew up in and am familiar with. I studied in the primary school adjacent to the block where Tolido's is before the school moved to Bendemeer. This hood will always have a fond place in my heart. That said, do come for a laid-back comfortable brunch or lunch over the weekend. This is one of the few cafes where I really feel very comfortable in and can just lounge around for a long while.

463 Crawford Lane
9 am to 6:30 pm (closed on Mondays)