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好想唱K。 好想在这天冷的夜吃冰淇淋。好想跑可又累的不行。



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Konjiki Hototogisu Chijmes

To be honest, I have never heard of Konjiki Hototogisu during my trips to Japan. When I first heard from a friend that a Michelin Bib Gourmand ramen store from Tokyo was coming to our sunny island, I was baffled. What is this Konjiki Hototogisu about?

We went down one day for lunch (perks of working in City Hall) and the queue was not too long, thankfully. We were seated quickly and ordered. All of us picked the Shoyu Hamaguri Soup Ramen.

The appetizer arrived and we were surprised to find a small bowl of rice with clams inside. It was a cold dish and very light and refreshing. The clams were sweet and fresh. 

Next up, the ramen! There were step-by-step instructions on the table telling you the tips to enjoy this bowl of ramen. First, you were supposed to hold the warm bowl of noodles in your hands, and inhale the aroma. Next, you try the broth before mixing everything and tucking into the bowl of soup with noodles.

The broth was light and delicious, with a slight hint of black truffle. The noodles were thin and springy. The thin slices of cha shu was not bad, fresh tender pork. The egg, which we ordered to share, was unfortunately nothing to scream about.

Now waiting to see if the standard will remain after a few months.

#01-17 Chijmes 
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996
11:30 am to 10 pm

Sunday, 5 August 2018

11D8N Eastern Europe Tour with Chan Brothers Day 7 - Budapest, Hungary

Bright sunny day with perfect clear blue skies. So blessed to experience snow in some places especially during Christmas and perfect sunny weather on other days. Started the city tour with the local guide at the castle district. Learnt that the turul bird was a legendary bird that guided the Hungarians from Asia to Europe.

Check out the turul bird at the side.  We wandered around the King's wing of the castle and enjoyed the good weather.

 Watched the changing of guards at 10 am.

Then went to the Fisherman's Bastion. The view from the Fisherman's Bastion was amazing, but be prepared to jostle with a huge crowd. The guide explained that the Buda side of the city was hilly while the Pest was flat and the Danube River separates both.

Visited Gellert Hill which also provided perfect views of the city!

Made another stop at Heroes Square in the day. The view in the day was really quite different from the night, and the statues looked so majestic against the blue sky.

The coach bus dropped us at Vorosmarty Square and we were free to walk around and explore the place. We had lunch (on our own expense) at Hard Rock, and I was so full from the huge portions. Was so nice to sit in the warm Hard Rock, eating yummy burgers and fries, and chugging down a mug of beer.

Need to say this again - the weather was so nice!! I love winter days with warm sunshine and clear blue skies. Walked along the Danube River to enjoy the sunshine and when the sun started to set, we went to Cafe de Paris for a cup of coffee and to use the loo.

After coffee, we took the optional Danube River Cruise. The illumination of the castle, the Parliament House, Fisherman's Bastion and the cathedral was so beautiful. Sipping the glass of wine, enjoying the cold night wind on my face and cruising along the Danube River, I'm reminded of a phrase from the movie Me Before You. Having possibilities is a luxury. I've been so swept up in the hustle of work that I have forgotten to stop and really enjoy the time I have with the people I love. I am so lucky to be able to come on this trip, to see these beautiful sights, to experience a White Christmas, and to be able to do so with my family.

After the Danube River Cruise, we went for a Hungarian Folklore dinner as part of the tour package. There was a quartet performing through the night and traditional dance performances. The traditional hungarian food of chicken, barley and pasta didn't really suit our palate but it was interesting. They also gave us a shot of alcohol, red wine and white wine, so there was a lot of alcohol floating around. We bought a bottle of wine here with our photo printed on it. A complete touristy gimmick, but hey, I'm a tourist so I loved it!

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Mrs Pho

After work one day, I met Stef and SY at Mrs Pho for a comforting bowl of pho.

I like pho. It is light, tasty, and feels so healthy. Like a hot bowl of soup on a cold dreary night, a bowl of pho always lifts my mood

Mrs Pho is a small restaurant so the tables and stools were packed closely together. My back was almost leaning against the lady behind me. But the food definitely makes up for the lack of personal space.  

Chicken pho! Super tasty and light, love the broth. The tea was a miss though, I cannot really describe it but it tasted a little... odd and I was not used to it.

The meatballs were AWESOME. You should definitely order some to try. Juicy, tasty and so so yummy. I'm a huge fan of summer rolls but the meatballs were a much better side dish at Mrs Pho.

Finally a new place for Vietnamese food, in addition to Long Phung and Little Vietnam! Mrs Pho is accessible from Bugis MRT or Nicoll Highway MRT.

349 Beach Rd, Singapore 199570
6292 0018
11 am to 10 pm