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Tokyo with Zg Day 6, Odaiba

Just got back from my family trip to Japan where we spent Christmas and New Year. Many fond and exciting moments which I cannot wait to share! But first, I have to clear my backlog of draft posts. I usually prepare a couple of draft posts and post them every now and then. However, I realised that the scheduled posts did not go up when I was away! So there was a huge hiatus on this blog for 2 weeks while I was away building more memories in wintry Japan.

Here is the second last post of my trip to Tokyo with Zg in October! I am super excited to write about my latest trip which saw my family visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, and Tokyo on a JR Pass. We also made it a point to try many popular restaurants and cafes in all the cities and towns we visited so those will go into the upcoming posts too!

Zg and I spent our sixth day in Odaiba and it truly felt like we were on a separate island away from Tokyo. The mood and atmosphere was distinctly different. There were no crowds, nobody was speed-walking (because we were all tourists and we were not in a rush to get anywhere), the pace just felt so much more relaxed. The weather was also the best we had in our trip.

We took the Yurikamome from Shiodome into Odaiba (alight at Daiba Station). If you are lucky, you could secure the seat at the front of the carriage and be rewarded with a spectacular view across the Rainbow Bridge into Odaiba. 

The Aqua City and Fuji TV are both near the Daiba Station.

The Statue of Liberty faces Aqua City with the pristine Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo city behind her. The view of the city from this point was awesome in the day, and marvelous at night. The Rainbow Bridge lit up and glittered in the dark while the Statue of Liberty gleamed and shone in a warm orange glow. 

Zg was very excited to find the giant Gundam at Diver City Tokyo. Diver City was a boy's dream come true with a Gundam Cafe and a Gundam Shop selling all sorts of Gundam figurines. I cannot remember much about Gundam but it certainly made Zg a very happy boy!

We had lunch at Diver City Tokyo and ate at Premium Kaio where you could order your sushi from an Ipad and have your food delivered directly to your table on a "Shinkansen" (bullet train). Press a button and the miniature bullet train carrying your food will zoom back into the kitchen! It was fun to entertain myself, food was very affordable, and it was generally a nice lunch. 

1-1-10 Aomi | 6F Diver City TokyoKotoTokyo Prefecture 135-0064Japan

We continued on our way and walked towards Palette Town. We found the gallery with lots of beautiful vintage cars showcased in a tastefully decorated warehouse. It looked like everything out of a 80s movie!

We found our way to Venus Fort which was a shopping mall in the style of a European town. The decoration was beautiful and made for great photos even though the shopping was mediocre. But seriously, don't take my word for anything related to shopping, I'm just not good with shopping. 

We decided to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel and it was the best decision in Odaiba! There were 4 transparent gondolas and we chose to wait for one. Sitting in a transparent gondola, riding slowly up into the sunset, with the terrific view around, in front, and below you, was an incredible experience. I could not stop taking pictures of the sunset initially and was extremely fidgety. Eventually I decided that I should just pause and experience this moment. We were up on top of the world, looking down at cars and an endless stretch of sea, with a glorious sunset in front of us. I took a deep breath and realised, hey this is life. We come up and then we go down. The view is perfect at the top and as much as I want it to last forever, I must remember that nothing lasts forever. We just got to make the ride worthwhile and enjoy every single moment going up and coming down. Nobody likes coming down but remember, even for a moment, that view from the top was the best. 

Both the Fuji TV building and the giant Gundam had light shows at night. Catch them if you are in Odaiba in the evening!

We had dinner at one of the outdoor cafes along the boardwalk at Decks Tokyo Beach. This was the only place in Tokyo that served lousy food. The night view from the outdoor cafe was terrific as our seats faced the Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty, service was meticulous (the young waiter brought a quilt for me to cover my legs in the cold), and prices were reasonable. Sadly, the food was substandard. 

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