Wednesday, 28 January 2015

East 8 New York Fusion Tapas and Bar, Grand Park City Hall

This is truly such an awesome find near the office! I guess I should make the effort to explore the places near the office but lunch is truly too short to indulge in too much yummy food. Seriously, the attack of a food coma is the last thing I need in the office. My thanks to the friends in office who introduced this place to me!

East 8 is located in Grand Park City Hall, at the side facing the church. If you are walking over from City Hall MRT, you would have to walk around the hotel to the other side to locate East 8. East 8's lunch menu was pretty extensive and all items looked equally tempting!

After much deliberation, I chose Norwegian Salmon ($15) because I am generally a fan of salmon. The pan-fried salmon came with mashed potatoes and mixed greens. I love how the slice of salmon was perfectly pan-fried with a nice golden hue yet retaining its moisure within. 

I guess we should have stopped at our mains but we succumbed to some Portobello Fries ($16). The Portobello Mushrooms Fries were so crispy on the outside but when you bit into them, the juice from the mushrooms oozed out steadily. The truffle oil used to prepare the Portobello Fries were also very fragrant. The only downside to this yummy dish was a tummy which subsequently felt full of grease.

The Mascarpone and Matcha Mille Feuille ($15) was lovely! It came with fresh berries, mascarpone and green tea cream in a puff. The puff was light and fluffy while the cream was rich and thick. I'm seriously such a sucker for anything sweet.

I would definitely head back to East 8 again because there were many other items in the lunch menu which caught my eyes!

#01-21 Grand Park City Hall
Mon to Fri: 12:00 - 15:00
Mon to Thur: 17:00 - 23:00
Fri: 17:00 - midnight
Sat: 18:00 - midnight
Closed on Sundays
You can reserve online or call 63388289

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