Friday, 2 January 2015

Morganfield's, Suntec City

The boyfriend and I headed to Suntec City on a Friday after work and were debating what to eat. I was in the mood for a good meal because... I guess because it's Friday and I just feel like filling my belly with good food, a beer, and head home to sleep. Nice Friday routine.

A part of Suntec City has reopened after some rather extensive renovations so we decided to check out the new wing. Morganfield's was tucked away in a little corner slightly outside the main tower. The menu looked somewhat delicious so we just went in.

We ordered beers and the Happy Hour promotion meant that we get some nibbles which was BBQ Riblets. I was so glad that we had the BBQ Riblets. This was definitely the best part of the meal. The riblets were way better than our mains. Super tender and well-marinated, the meat fell off the bone even as I picked the riblet up. I would strongly recommend the ribs at Morganfield's and nothing else.

For the mains, the boyfriend had a Smokehouse Bacon Cheese Burger ($22.90) which I did not try because it came with beef. My boyfriend commented that the beef was really tough and overcooked. So much for medium.

I ordered the Tequila Spiked Chicken ($22.90) which looked delicious but was dry and overcooked too. The chicken was supposed to be marinated with spicy tequila, lime paprika and char-grilled to perfection. I would agree that it was char-grilled to perfection but the chicken lacked the promised marination. It was also not tender at all. What a bummer.

If you find yourself at Morganfield's, I would recommend that you try their ribs and nothing but their ribs. They should probably take everything else down from their menu and focus on their ribs instead. The ribs are truly almost perfect but everything else was just disappointing.

Suntec City Tower 4 #01-645
Tel: 67361136
11 am to 11 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
11 am to 12 am (Friday, Saturday and PH Eve)

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