Friday, 9 January 2015

Teck Kee Chicken Rice, Rail Mall

It was a rainy Saturday and we had just left IMM after browsing through the outlet shops there and deciding that there was indeed nothing much to see. The boyfriend suggested Rail Mall and I was curious about the place so he took me there for dinner. 

The Rail Mall is located beside the suspended railway tracks and consisted of a row of shop houses with eateries, cafes, restaurants, salons, supermarket, tuition centres, and pubs. It was an eccentric mix and the place was generally pretty empty on a Saturday night. A light rain fell while we made our way from the car park to The Rail Mall. 

We eventually settled for Teck Kee Chicken Rice because I felt like eating rice. 

We ordered chicken for 2 pax, omelette with minced meat, and vegetables with oyster sauce. The boyfriend suggested white chicken but I must have been distracted or something and I ended up ordering roast chicken. Sometimes this happens to me. What I perceive to hear might not be what I actually heard. It is as if my brain processes something entirely different from what my ears pick up. Oh well. 

The roast chicken was a little dry and not tender. Blame my ears. The white chicken is apparently more juicy and tender. 

Crunchy stalks of chye sim with tasty oyster sauce.

I really liked the Omelette with minced meat! Fluffy omelette with a generous serving of minced meat.

This was nice comfort food on a cold rainy night, with strong winds outside and a steady patter of rain. Thank you for bringing me here even though it was cold and dreary outside, even though it was a crazy distance from our homes, and even though you were not feeling well that night!

450 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Rail Mall
8:00 to 23:00

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