Thursday, 7 May 2015

Labour Day Weekend

[I prepared this draft over the weekend and am posting this belatedly (as usual). I am beat. This has been an exhausting, sick, and tiring week. Life is often out of our control and the only thing I have learnt to control over the years is my mind. But willpower and mental strength are in short supply when one is sick and I find myself tilting dangerously close to losing it so many times this week. There are some things that I just cannot make peace with and they just have to rear their ugly heads at times when I am weakest.

I stood at the Treasury's porch waiting for my boyfriend one night with a running nose, a bad throat, and an equally bad headache, searching through Google for meaningful posts about karma because I wanted so badly to let some things go. I wanted to believe that I am bigger than this, better than this, that these little nonsense doesn't matter. That eventually we all reap what we sow and we sow what we reap. It's a cycle and it never ends. But I could not. I fumed and got into a terribly rotten mood. I could not.

Thank goodness for supportive good friends and colleagues in the office. Thank you for the matcha latte when I needed the break, thank you for hearing me rant (almost endlessly), thank you for taking me out to lunch and giving me a yummy treat! Knowing that I have such good comrades around was definitely the highlight of the week.

So, we are nearing Friday and I have some pretty kickass medicine that is starting to work its magic. The medicine makes me groggy and I am definitely not in best form. But I look back at this draft post below with so much fond memories and I think... ah, this is life. There are ups and there are downs. The trick is to make the most of the ups, enjoy every wonderful moment of it, and lock it forever in your mind and your heart. When it comes to the downs, let's just sit tight and ride it out together.

Tough times don't last, but tough people do. Time for another dose of medicine!]


Perched on high chairs along the counter of The Sushi Bar, having salmon overdose, chatting about love, life, work, friends and everything close to our hearts. It was such a great night spent with a good old friend and I cannot wait to get my hands on Viking!

Coffee and waffles with berries at Wheeler's Yard before Avenger's at Shaw Balestier on Friday. I like sitting back at a cozy little cafe with the boyfriend, sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying warm fluffy waffles, and chatting about everything under the sun. Catching a movie at Shaw Balestier is awesome if you want to avoid the mad crowd in town. Plus we get to use the Safra card discount! I love Shaw Balestier very much <3 We succumbed to the mad crowd in town after the movie and had dinner at The Noodle Place!

Dimsum brunch at Imperial Treasure Crowne Plaza on Saturday. It has been a long time since we last did dimsum brunch and I'm pretty glad to see the girls. It hit me recently that we had known each other for a really long time and had progressed through different stages of life together. Probably many more exciting milestones ahead! :) 

Jurong East shopping with the boyfriend where we strolled through Jem, Westgate, and BigBox (omg I'm super awed by BigBox's supermarket. Everything looks jumbo-sized!). Skinny Pizza for dinner before we had our Starbucks fix at what has to be the coolest Starbucks ever. Thank you Zg for taking me here!

(It's at Rochester Park if you are keen to check it out)

It's Sunday as I am typing this and I am spending the day at home with my family. Mum's in the kitchen cooking up a storm (I inherited none of her culinary abilities unfortunately) while I am blogging. Watched Running Man this morning over a ban mian brunch and had a delicious guacamole sandwich for tea. It's been an awesome weekend! I only wish I didn't have to end Sunday night with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Honestly, why do I always catch the flu bug ugh.


  1. hang on in there, 老朋友!! have always admired your toughness, & know you'll be fine!!

    1. Thanks girl! Looking forward to our next awesome catch up and chit chat session! :D