Thursday, 28 May 2015

Koji Sushi Bar, China Square

My cubicle mate recommended Koji Sushi Bar and raved about their chirashi don. I was so curious about it so I dropped by for dinner with Stef and W after work. If you are taking a bus to China Square, Koji is situated somewhere behind the bus stop, opposite Wang Dae Bak

I heard it gets really crowded during lunch thanks to the office crowd nearby but it was relatively empty and peaceful during dinner. Seats are arranged around the sushi counter just like in Wasabi Tei but place generally feels more roomy and less cramped. We were ushered to seats at the back of the shop and settled down happily.

The menu at Koji Sushi Bar below. 

I was torn between the Sashimi Rice Bowl (i.e. their Chirashi Don) or the Salmon and Roe Rice Bowl. Both were $17. Since I am such an ardent fan of salmon, I decided to go for the latter. Stef and W chose the Sashimi Rice Bowl.

Salad was served shortly after. Ah my healthy greens! I was so impressed with the light dressing in Japanese salads that I bought a bottle of yuzu salad dressing when I was in Tokyo. Totally looking forward to fixing my own yummy salads during the weekends. 

The Sashimi Rice Bowl looked delicious with a large variety of different types of sashimi. Stef and W commented that it tasted a lot like the Chirashi Don at Hanare. I should definitely find time to check out Hanare!

My Salmon and Roe Rice Bowl. Ahhhh this was heavenly. Fresh sweet chunks of salmon sashimi and juicy crunchy roe tossed evenly with sauce. Perfect!

We sat around a bit more, chatting away happily before we left for desserts at Club Street Social. The food at Koji was good but catching up over dinner was hard when three of us were seated right beside each other along the counter. Maybe that was the whole point of the counter seats - to ensure that everybody just eat and go without lingering unnecessarily. Anyhow, Koji is perfect for a quick sashimi fix!

3 Pickering Street
#01-42 Nankin Row

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