Friday, 29 May 2015

Club Meatballs, China Square Central

Armed with our trusty Entertainer App, Stef and I ventured to Club Meatballs for dinner with Jy. We had been trying (and failing) to drop by Club Meatballs because we were always waylaid or distracted by something else more attractive along the way. Club Meatballs is situated at the side of China Square facing Far East Square along the narrow road which divides both areas.

I was surprised to find that Club Meatballs serves a largely Caucasian clientele and we were the only locals until another group entered just when we were about to go. It was relatively empty when we arrived and there were many empty tables around. However, the waitress ushered us to a table tucked away at the back of the restaurant. Perhaps the other tables were occupied?

Pulled pork, chilli and purple slaw sliders ($13). If you ever need an example of "looks are deceiving", look no further. These are the epitome of that phrase. The pulled pork sliders looked perfect in pictures, with what looked like well-marinated pork overflowing from crispy buns. Sadly, the truth was far from it. The pulled pork was spicy but very very dry. There should be more sauce somewhere in that pulled pork slider.

We get to pick the type of balls, the sauce, and the accompanying dish ($19.50). We paired the Fish, Coriander and Chilli Balls, with Onion and Red Wine sauce and roasted vegetables. I confess that I like the supporting actress more than the main lead. The roasted vegetables with onion and red wine sauce were yummy! The "fish balls" were meh.

Free Range Chicken and Cumin Balls with Truffle Mushroom Sauce and Parmesan Risotto. This was much much better. I like the Truffle Mushroom Sauce which was incredibly thick and fragrant. The juicy mushrooms were fantastic too. Risotto was decent and the Chicken Balls were much better than the fish ones.

This left all of us feeling incredibly confused and calling for cups of water. Known as sobrassada and gorgonzola bruschetta ($10.50), this was supposed to be cured spicy sausage with cheese on bread. But somehow it tasted a lot like hae bee hiam (spicy dried prawns) with cheese on bread. It was SO SPICY that all of us called for cups of water immediately after ingesting this. The amazing thing is, all of us can take our spicy dishes very well so this was like way above in the league of spiciness.

The service staff was friendly but they appeared understaffed which resulted in patchy service. I had to get up and help myself to sharing plates because I could not seem to find anybody who could bring them to me. Then it took us a long while to find somebody to bring us water to save the hae bee hiam fire in our mouths. Would I be returning? Nah, I have far better things to eat in the area.

#01-35 China Square Central
20 Cross Street
Mon to Thurs, Sat: 17:00 to midnight
Fri: 17:00 - 1 am

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