Monday, 11 February 2013

The Corner Place Korean Bbq Restaurant

Happy CNY everybody! Hope you are all enjoying the festivities despite the rain. I'm loving all my new dresses, the endless supply of new year goodies, the ang pows, and all the fun and laughter. Might actually do a post on my new year shopping haul sometime soon since I want to write about something other than food. And I've been procrastinating writing about Jersey Boys too! Ah, I need more time and more mood to write after work. 

But anyway, for this post, I will still be writing about food - a Korean restaurant at Marina Square that I visited with my parents shortly before CNY. The parents text me one day after work and asked if I was free for dinner near my office. I was just getting ready to go, so I was so happy to be able to hitch a ride to dinner and then back home. We ended up at Marina Square, and somehow wandered up to the food court level where The Corner Place Korean Bbq Restaurant is.

They have the Korean Bbq buffet going on, but the spread did not look too exciting, so we decided to have ala carte orders instead. We ordered a large Spicy Tofu Hotpot to share and my dad got a chicken bimbimbap. As usual the orders came with some side dishes, but the side dishes at The Corner Place were seriously disappointing. All the side dishes were bland, not tasty, and looked pretty dismal if you ask me. They do not offer free flow of the side dishes too, unlike other Korean restaurants where we could always ask for more. But in any case, I was not interested in more of this lacklustre stuff.

The Spicy Tofu Hotpot was decent. The soup base was thick and quite tasty, and they were generous with the ingredients. The hotpot had large chunks of tofu, vegetables, golden mushroom, slices of pork, mushroom, and glass noodles. It was very satisfying to have the hotpot with a bowl of rice. 

The Corner Place Korean Bbq Restaurant is definitely not as good as my all-time favorite Korean restaurant Togi, and I definitely will not make a trip down just for this. However, if I'm at Marina Square, I might actually consider dropping by if I have no idea what else to eat.

#04-102 Marina Square (right beside the food court)

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