Saturday, 9 February 2013


Have been wanting to try Choupinette for awhile and eventually made the trip from our homes in the East to Bukit Timah where Choupinette is. The journey was unexpectedly quick actually. We took Circle Line from Paya Lebar to Botanic Gardens and then hopped onto a bus from the bus stop right outside Choupinette. We alighted at Coronation Plaza which is about two bus stops away and Choupinette is right opposite Coronation Plaza on the same side of the street. Look out for the colourful signboard!

It's a nice little cozy cafe. There are only about maybe 10 tables or so inside the cafe and about another 4 outside. We chose to wait for the seats inside and thankfully we did not have to wait long. We milled around outside the cafe for about 10 minutes and were soon ushered into the cafe.

It was brightly lit and felt like a good place to hide from the imminent thunderstorm. The seats are arranged really close together though, so you end up having to shift around a lot during your meal to allow others to either get into their seats, or get out and leave.

The menu was extensive but I only paid significant attention to their brunch menu. Each set comes with a fruit juice and hot drink. Such value for money! All other brunch places I've been to usually serve drinks separately and when you add everything up, it's usually more than $20+.  

I ordered the Tristan's set because I'm craving for some mushrooms, a cup of orange juice and hot lemon and ginger tea which was served after our meal. I could choose how I want my eggs to be done so I opted for scrambled as its been a while since I last had scrambled eggs. I also had a choice between pork or chicken sausage and I chose pork because pork sausages are always more sinfully delicious (to me).

Let me just say that when my Tristan's set arrived, I was confident that I could finish every single bit of it, but that proved very hard indeed. The serving was truly more than I can place into my tummy! But it was really good! The scrambled eggs were nice and fluffy, the mushrooms were well-sauteed and super juicy, the tomato was ripe and sweet, and oh my, the pork sausage was sinfully delicious (as I expected). The only not-that-fantastic bit about the Tristan's set has to be the whole meal bread roll. It was so hard, I had trouble biting into it, and I soon gave up about halfway through the roll.

She ordered the Eggs Royal's and I tried some of it. Choupinette is really generous with their smoked salmon! There are so many slices of smoked salmon sitting under the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It was really good, super yummy!

It's a nice place to come for brunch, one of the best brunch places I have visited so far and their brunch sets are really value-for-money! I love the idea that I could have a fruit juice with my set and then tea afterwards. We had a nice chat over our hot drinks before we were asked to leave because another set of customers were coming in. They were really nice about it and we were apologetic that we had stuck around for awhile. It was not really our fault though, since the thunderstorm outside was pelting down at full force. We left and wandered out into the thunderstorm anyway, since there was nowhere to hide from the rain in the building. Eventually we settled for Starbucks at Coronation which was nice and warm, and we managed to dry up a bit.

607 Bukit Timah Road

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