Thursday, 7 February 2013

Krabi Day 4 - Ao Nang Beach

It was our last full day in Krabi and we did not have any plans lined up. We wanted to sleep in, laze around, and take our time to stroll through Ao Nang street at our own leisurely pace. 

We left our resort around noon and wandered down to the main Ao Nang street in search of food. We finally decided to dine at Aining Restaurant because it looked pretty decent and we were hoping to have something other than Thai food that day.

The boyfriend ordered the beef burger and I ordered mushroom and ham pasta in cream sauce. His burger was enormous! The patty was amazingly thick and they were so generous with the ingredients. My mushroom and ham pasta in cream sauce was really good too. I'm not fond of pasta in cream sauce and I actually ordered this without knowing that it came with cream sauce. But I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised when I tasted this pasta! The sauce was light, tasty and not cloyingly creamy, and the spaghetti was done al dente. Wonderful. It was really reasonably priced too, and we were so happy after our lunch.

We proceeded to wander further away from the main Ao Nang street and went further, down the row of shop houses and far from the beach. This area is definitely way less touristy and much quieter, with less eateries and shops, and less activities as well. It was nice to just walk along the empty streets and explore.

It started to rain during our nice little walk, so we ducked into a nearby 7-11 and started shopping. It was a large 7-11 and we were having so much fun picking up drinks, snacks, sweets and all sorts of random stuff. The boyfriend noticed that they were selling some mini musical boxes with Winnie the Pooh and friends on it. You just have to wind it up, press the button, and the little figurine will start to spin to a tune! I was so fascinated with it, and we wanted to collect a set of 4. Sadly, after popping into every 7-11 along Ao Nang street, we only managed to purchase 3 musical boxes. But I'm still really happy!

It was dinner soon enough, and we decided to try Rialto because the guy at the door had been calling out to me every night we walked past with the same "Hello Miss Malaysia". Miss Malaysia?! Okay, never mind about that, I never got to know what he meant, but maybe he thought every Chinese was from Malaysia (which is weird). 

Business was good and every table was occupied. We ordered a Chicken Pizza and Aglio Olio Spaghetti to share. The pizza was very very good. Thick and fluffy, with lots of cheese and tender well-marinated chunks of chicken. The Aglio Olio Spaghetti was a disappointment though. It was so oily! Just look at that picture below. The bunch of spaghetti was sitting in a pool of oil! And it was so salty too, like the chef simply sprinkled some salt on the dish as a careless afterthought.

We wanted to go for some drinks and live music after dinner, so we went to Crazy Gringos which is behind Rialto. There is a row of pubs and bars at the back of the main street, most of which have pretty awesome live music. We settled for Crazy Gringos because they had incredible Happy Hour drinks and we could not resist SGD 4 cocktails.

The live band was very good! I love her deep soulful voice. We sat there enjoying the music, sipping our drinks, and just allowing time to go by. It was a lovely moment, so peaceful and serene that I often find myself going back to that particular night in that bar and feeling a deep sense of calm. I love such moments. 

And with that our Krabi Trip came to a nice lovely end. Read about Day 1, 2 and 3

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