Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tonkotsu Kazan, Liang Court

We wandered to Liang Court for lunch one day and walked past Tonkotsu Kazan on Level 1. We were thinking of doing ramen and it seemed like a decent choice so we went in. We were seated quickly since it was not very crowded and a waiter handed us the menu. We had some questions regarding the lunch set since it appeared pretty much the same as the normal menu so we asked. The response we received was a curt and flippant "It's the same" without any explanation and the waiter strode away promptly. Okayyyy so we were handed something which looked ostensibly like a lunch set menu which turned out to be the same as the normal menu? So what exactly is the point of a lunch set? I guess we will never find out.

We took the Kazan Shoyu ($18) which is Volcano Ramen with Shoyu soup base. The ramen arrived in an interesting apparatus that looked like a mini chimney sitting on a stone bowl. The waiter poured the ramen soup into the claypot and stuck the cover on the stone bowl. Steam escaped from the top in puffs.

When the lid was lifted, we were greeted by a surprising sight of bubbling shoyu soup base which flowed steadily out of the stone bowl and onto the wooden coaster below. We left it to bubble, boil and simmer for awhile before we dug in.

The soup base was thick and delicious; it tasted almost like gravy. Noodles were all right, not mind-blowing but they were decent. For some reason, the noodles did not appear to resemble thin springy ramen but reminded me of the thick yellow hokkien mee noodles instead. Loads of vegetables in the ramen just the way I like it. The pork slices were all right. Not deliciously well-marinated or tender. 

The Kazan Ramen came with a free bowl of rice so we poured the rice into the stone bowl when we were about done with the ramen. I cannot figure out why a bowl of ramen would come with rice but it did fill us up very quickly. 

Free hard boiled eggs to go with our noodles.

We also ordered a plate of gyozas to share. Once again, these gyozas were also only all right. Not fantastically juicy or anything but they were ok. 

In general, Tonkotsu Kazan was all right. It offered something different to the usual traditional ramen and was a pleasant addition in Liang Court. However, with so many other delicious Japanese food in Liang Court, I would be hard pressed to find a reason to return to Tonkotsu Kazan unless I am craving for something different.

177 River Valley Road
11:00 am to 10:30 pm

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