Saturday, 6 June 2015

Beauty in the Pot, OneKM mall

My family and I went to OneKM mall for our Chinese New Year eve dinner at Beauty in the Pot, a steamboat with collagen-rich soup base boiled from shark's cartilage. If you have not checked out OneKM mall (likely because you do not live in the east and coming to a neighbourhood mall in Paya Lebar is not exactly the most exciting activity), you did not miss much in terms of shopping. But you should definitely make a trip to OneKM mall for Beauty in the Pot.

My parents made a reservation for Chinese New Year eve way in advance after having a meal there together. Incredibly thoughtful of them to rope my brother and I in for a delicious steamboat meal since we were too busy to join them the first time.

My parents picked one of the sets for 4 people and the spread was incredible. I was frankly astonished when the waitress rolled a cart to our table and started to transfer a million and one food items onto the table. After everything was set out nicely, the waitress started putting food items into the steamboat carefully. 

The creamy collagen-rich soup base was my favourite! Actually, all of us preferred that as compared to its spicy counterpart. The collagen-rich soup base was boiled from shark's cartilage which is supposed to be nourishing for our health and our complexion. I'm not sure whether it is nourishing but it certainly is delicious!

The seafood was very fresh and the cuts of meat were good. The pork was also incredibly fresh so there was no lingering porky taste. The set also came with a basket of vegetables and mushrooms (my one true love!) so you do not have to fear that the large amount of meat is going to be unhealthy for your digestive tract. 

There is a counter at the front where you can mix your own condiments and sauces or help yourself to rice. But seriously, why do you need rice when there is such a large amount of food available? The set came with noodles as well so rest assured that your carb craving will be fully satisfied. 

This restaurant feels like a cross between Tsukada Nojo (collagen-rich soup from chicken) and Hai Di Lao (perfect attentive service). The service at Beauty in the Pot is seriously top notch. It has been long since I felt that pampered at any dining establishment and Beauty in the Pot definitely nailed it. The waitress made it a point to drop by our table regularly to adjust the heat of the steamboat, refill our soup base, drop various food items into the steamboat, and ask if we are doing ok.

I will definitely be back! But before I do so, I must remember to make a reservation because the last time I came by spontaneously, the host informed me that there was a one hour thirty minutes wait on a weekday night!

#02-21 OneKM Mall
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Mon to Thurs, Sun: 11:00 to 1 am 
Fri to Sat, Eve of PH : 11:00 to 3 am

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