Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ambush, Plaza Singapura

We were in Plaza Singapura one Saturday night intending to try Tsukada Nojo but the queue was so long that we gave up and turned to Ambush instead. Ambush is a fast casual diner with european dishes like paella, pasta, and the usual fish and chips. It was relatively empty for a weekend dinner which should tell us something, but the online reviews managed to sway me and we went in anyway.

The diner is large and airy, generally open concept so shoppers strolling past could look in and watch you eat. I am completely fine with that and am more than happy to share the sight of food with fellow shoppers but I imagine there might be people who might have issues with that.

Truffle Fries were average and not pungent with delicious truffle oil.

I had the Fusili Salmone which was decent. Pan-fried salmon with fusili and mushrooms in a bed of tomato-based sauce. The sauce was a little on the salty side which made me thirsty very quickly.

The boyfriend had Crispy Chicken Aglio Olio which was spaghetti done in aglio olio style with chunks of deep fried crispy chicken. The spaghetti was a little soggy and not al dente while the crispy chicken came a bit dry. This was quite a disappointment.

While I cannot recall the exact price of the items, I do remember that they were rather pocket-friendly. That said, I doubt I would return anytime soon because I could probably get something better with a similar price tag. In any case, there are so many other eateries in Plaza Singapura that would make a much better dinner choice.

#04-64 Plaza Singapura (the new wing)
Daily 11:00 to 22:00

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