Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine, Orchard Road

I was a young university undergraduate the last time I visited Kim Dae Mun. Back then, I was desperate to get away from the exorbitant and hugely disappointing meals in SMU and was willing to walk the distance just to eat something satisfying. I suspect that was when I nurtured my love for walking, just strolling around in the evening to get to some awesome food. One such walk took me to Kim Dae Mun which was a stall in the basement food court. When the food court disappeared subsequently, I thought I had lost Kim Dae Mun forever. I graduated and my hood became Raffles Place for a very short while before I settled down at City Hall/Clarke Quay. I did not look back. Why would I? I have so much yummy food in this area and there was no reason for me to head to the Dhoby Ghaut area. However, I read somewhere that Kim Dae Mun has a shop of its own now! I was dying to try it so I brought the boyfriend there for dinner one day.

Furnishing was sparse and simple, with neat rows of plastic tables and chairs, and a counter where you can place your order. Very much like the previous food court style, you place your order at the counter, wait for your food to be ready, and bring it over to a table. 

It was crowded on a Saturday night and it took some effort to find a table. Everybody was waiting around trying to snag a table and the queue at the counter was long.

The boyfriend chose the Spicy Pork Set which was yummy! Kim Dae Mun is well-known for cooking their hotplate dishes in hot water instead of oil so it was a much healthier option. 

I picked the Kimchi Stew which was heavenly. Just the right amount of spicy and sour with a generous amount of kimchi, egg, and tofu in a thick stew. Perfect with steaming white rice.

I really like my trip to Kim Dae Mun. Food court pricing for delicious food in the middle of town is a combination that I cannot resist. Sure, it is not a fancy place and Concorde Hotel is not exactly in an accessible area of town, but I would say the trip is worth it to save a few bucks and indulge in some homely Kimchi Stew.

#02-17 Concorde Hotel (between Istana and OG Orchard)
10 am to 9 pm
No reservations so just get in there early enough and hope you get a table.

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