Thursday, 27 December 2012


Was running some errands in the Marine Parade area and decided to drop by Wahiro for dinner. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Roxy Square, the restaurant was fairly empty when we walked in. I liked the feel of the place immediately, with its wooden furnishing and cozy lighting. 

We settled into a table in the corner and started studying the menu which has an impressive variety of dishes. However, it did not take me long to realize that something was wrong - the air-conditioning was down. The place was actually really warm and stuffy and nothing much was done to alleviate the problem. It might have been better if they had left the front door open for some ventilation.

We ordered a plate of Salmon Sashimi to share and I had a bowl of Nabeyaki Udon. The salmon sashimi was average. It lacked the sweet juicy texture of fresh salmon sashimi, but was still acceptable nonetheless. Quite a pity though, as I was craving for salmon sashimi and this plate did not satisfy my craving at all.

My Nabeyaki Udon came in a claypot and was quite good. The soup base was sweet and clear, and the udon had soaked up the essence of the soup. The portion was just right too; just enough to keep me full but not bloated.

The service was lacking though. After ushering us in, the waitresses gathered in the corner and started chatting away and we had much difficulty trying to get their attention when placing our order. We had the same problem when we wanted to call for the bill as well. Basically, they were just efficient in getting you to your seats, serving your food, and clearing the bowls away. Anything on top of that proved to be quite a hassle. 

I doubt I would return. For the same price, I could have a more than decent meal at Wasabi Tei.

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