Saturday, 22 December 2012

Loysel's Toy

I've been wanting to drop by Loysel's Toy for brunch since forever but being the person that I am, I've been procrastinating for as long. No reason for the procrastination though since it's so close to my home and I can probably walk here if I wanted. I didn't try that the weekend I came by of course, since the weather is so unpredictable these days.

Loysel's Toy is tucked away in a secluded building along the Kallang River. Simply alight at Lavender MRT Station, exit at the Immigration Building, and walk towards the river. When you reach the river, cross the bridge and walk towards the grey building on the other side. You should be able to spot Loysel's Toy on the first floor.

There is an outdoor sitting area outside the cafe but if you prefer air-conditioned comfort, there are tables inside the cafe as well. You can rent bicycles from the cafe to cycle along the Kallang River but I have to say, the rental rates are expensive.

It's very nice and cozy inside the cafe with a small counter and tables lined up on the other side. It was not very crowded when we arrived and we managed to grab a table by the door. The menus are placed right in front of the cash register and we helped ourselves to them excitedly. You can also take a look at the cakes and tarts placed in the glass display before placing your order.

We ordered two sets of Egg Benedict. You can have it with smoked salmon, bacon or both. I chose to have both and that's $1 more. Quite reasonable pricing actually, and the portions were decent. After placing your order, the waitress would hand you a paper cup with a number on it and a small stone inside. What a creative way to number your order!

Recent addition to my breakfast - Orange juice. I used to avoid having cold drinks in the morning as it feels good to start the day with a warm belly. But working in the office means I should definitely start building up my immune system and consuming more vitamin c. 

The Egg Benedict tasted pretty good! It was not mind blowing, but it was good. The bacon was crispy, tasty, and went well with the eggs. The smoked salmon was salty, the way I like it, and was a good combination with the eggs too. 

We sat around and had a nice chat before ordering a lemon tart to share. The best friend had a cup of coffee, which came with pretty latte art! The lemon tart was really good! I like how the crust was nice and hard with the soft lemon custard within. It was sufficiently sour and sweet at the same time. I loved it!

I ordered some takeaways for my parents, including the muffins and cakes. They were pretty all right, but nothing to rave about.

Drop by if you would like to have a nice quiet brunch along the Kallang River over a lazy weekend!

66 Kampong Bugis

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