Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bangkok Day 2 - Chatuchak, Union Mall, Terminal 21

We started the second day in Bangkok with the highly recommended Wanton Mee in Pratunam which happens to be located right beside Glow Pratunam Hotel. Lovely, I love hotels surrounded by good food. The wanton mee stall is right opposite Platinum Shopping Mall. Just cross the overhead bridge, walk towards McDonalds, and when you see Macs, turn right into Soi 19. It is a relatively busy and bustling side street and you will see the Wanton Mee stall pretty soon. You probably wouldn't notice the stall right away so keep a lookout for the board that looks like this:

I have to warn you first that the portions are really very small and I have to eat 2 bowls for breakfast before getting enough energy to be on my feet for the rest of the day. However, for 50 baht a bowl, I have to say that the pricing was rather reasonable. The essence of this wanton mee lies in the large amount of lard used. The wanton itself was bland and pretty forgettable but the noodles soaked in lard was absolutely yummy. You have to be a fan of lard to like this, though. If not, go elsewhere or eat Macs for breakfast.

We had our Starbucks fix subsequently. I've weaned off my caffeine addiction during pupilage and am less reliant on caffeine these days so I usually refuse to have coffee but ah, Starbucks is my weak spot. The pricing in Bangkok is slightly cheaper than SG due to the currency conversion and I love the service here. Was also great to relax in an empty Starbucks before hitting the shops.

After filling our bellies, we took the BTS to Mo Chit for the Chatuchak Weekend Market. When you alight at Mo Chit just follow the crowd, cross the bridge and continue walking in the general direction where the crowds are. I expected it to be crowded and hot so I wore as little as possible. Shopping at Chatuchak is great but bargaining is such a chore and I am always bad at haggling. Anyway I bought a whole bag full of beer singlets for the boyfriend, tshirts and slippers for myself and my mum snagged a toy ukulele for my little cousin. 

Eventually it became so hot and unbearable, we decided to leave and head to Union Mall instead. Union Mall is at the Chatuchak area but we did not want to walk, so we took the underground subway from Chatuchak Park to Phahon Yothin instead which is one stop away. It is easy to spot the Chatuchak Park subway station. The entrance is just right beside the bridge, opposite Mo Chit BTS station. When you alight at Phahon Yothin, follow the signs to Union Mall and when you exit you will see a bright yellow building.

Union Mall is a good place to shop for young college kids and working adults, which makes it a suitable place for my brother and I. My brother managed to snag a couple of goods buys while I bought a sweet cardigan here. There is a good mix of shops selling clothes for guys and girls, unlike Platinum Mall where the guys just stand around getting bored while we girls go crazy. Prices are very reasonable as well and the quality is good. The food options here are rather limited though, so we settled for Pizza Company where I made the wrong choice in ordering some seafood spaghetti tossed in thai spices. It was so hot, my stomach was rumbling after the meal.

After Union Mall, we took the underground subway to Sukhumvit where Terminal 21 is. You can reach Terminal 21 by BTS as well and alight at Asok BTS Station. Terminal 21 is a very interesting mall for every floor is decorated in the theme of a particular city so there is Rome, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, London and many others. The exquisite decorations make this place so charming! Oh and when you are in the mall, do make it a point to visit the washroom. Even the washroom is well-designed to suit the theme at every level!

The clothes here are quite expensive and come from various local designers. The quality is definitely way better than the goods at Platinum Mall and Union Mall and the design much more attractive. I succumbed to three dresses at Terminal 21, bit the bullet and shelled out quite a bit of money for them. But no regrets, since they cost probably as much as dresses back in SG.

Dinner was at MIX where we had our first Thai food after arriving at Bangkok. Ordered a spread and were all so happily contended after the meal. The tom yom goong was really creamy though, probably too much coconut milk was added. But it tasted good all the same. And check out the ultra big river prawn!

We each ordered a drink too, since SGD 4 cocktails were so hard to resist.

After the awesome meal, we took the BTS back to Glow Pratunam and retired for the night.

Day 3 next! And read about Day 1 in Bangkok here

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