Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Krabi Day 1 - Ao Nang

So I was all prepared to start 2013 with a melancholic post detailing all the ups and downs of 2012, and listing down all the aspirations and promises I have for myself for 2013. But then, I packed and went away for 5 days. When I returned, I decided there was nothing more boring than dwelling in the past, so the first 2013 post sharing my Krabi trip was a definitely a better way to start the ball rolling!

I've always always wanted to visit Krabi, with its clear blue waters and majestic limestone cliffs. But there was always something that stopped me from going, so this time I was super determined that I would make this trip.

We reached Krabi Airport close to 3pm, cleared immigration and emerged at the arrival hall. We proceeded to the shuttle bus counter to purchase two tickets for the shuttle bus to Ao Nang. The tickets were really affordable at 150 baht each, which is about SGD 6. After getting the tickets, we walked to the exit where the bus driver stood waiting and he brought us to the bus.

We had to wait for more passengers to board the bus before the bus moved off. Apparently the day we arrived was not a popular day as there were only about 8 passengers on board. We spied the same bus over the weekend at Ao Nang and it was completely full!

The journey to Ao Nang took about an hour, most likely because the bus driver was travelling really slowly. While the lady at the counter promised us that the bus would drop us in front of our resort, the bus actually dropped us along the main road and we had to walk down a side lane to reach our hotel. I guess it really depends on the bus driver as we saw the bus alighting guests right in front of our hotel on other days.

We stayed at Apasari Krabi, which was a distance from the main Ao Nang street and Ao Nang beach. It was situated right inside a side lane, which meant that the area was dark and quiet at night. Safety was not an issue though, and we were away from the noisy crowds at main Ao Nang street and the shops. However, the distance also meant that we had to walk 10-15 minutes everyday to the main Ao Nang Street and Ao Nang beach and back. 

We had the superior room which was spacious and comfortable for two. Sadly our mountain view became a view of the construction site beside our hotel instead. The workers were at work throughout the day, but we were hardly around so the noise did not bother us much. The room had the basic necessities like a safe, hair dryer, and a small television. The bottled water was not free though, unlike many other hotels I have visited. 

After settling our stuff in the room, we set out to explore Ao Nang. We took a nice long walk to the beach and the main street facing the beach with its row of cafes and restaurants. We were just in time to catch the sunset, which was the most awesome sunset in the 5 days I was there. It was so peaceful, serene and took my breath away. 

We continued our walk down the main Ao Nang street and decided to settle for dinner at Taj Palace. We went in because the signboard showed that it served pastas, pizzas, and Indian food so we thought some fusion food might be interesting. But once seated, we studied the menu and realized that it was all Indian food! And I was still battling a sore throat then. So we ordered a plate of mixed fried rice and chicken tawa (which was their specialty) to share. The plan was that we could just go somewhere else for something more suitable afterwards.

The chicken tawa was good and the juicy chunks of chicken soaked up the curry sauce splendidly. However, the mixed fried rice was disappointing. It was bland, tasteless and tasted like it was left to air for a really long time before serving. But the portions were generous and we were full after the meal, much to our surprise. So we did not have a round 2. Went back to the hotel, plugged in his Mac and curled up for Ted before drifting off to sleep.

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