Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant was formerly at Heeren, and now has its new home at Level 8 Orchard Central. The queue was really long when we reached, snaking from the entrance all the way to the escalator. You have to pay before getting a stamp on your hand, and ushered in to your seats. We were a fairly large group, so we had a long table in a separate area which was quieter than the main dining area outside. It was good, as the place was more spacious, and we could chat, leaving the area only when we wanted more food outside.

The pricing was reasonable for the wide spread offered in Kiseki, and the quality of food was fairly decent too.

There is a counter at the side with all the sashimi, Alaskan crab, sushi, and scallop. The sashimi was fresh, with fairly good cuts, and sweet. The Alaskan crab looks incredibly meaty, though I didn't try any myself, but it looked delicious. The scallop was very fresh and sweet as well.

The picture below shows the counter with the cooked food, including zosui (Japanese Porridge with Chicken), tempura, yakitori, and black curry too! I was surprised that they had zosui and was happily helping myself to more. The zosui was good, tasty and light and huge chunks of chicken. The batter on the ebi tempura was slightly too thick. The chicken yakitori and shitake mushrooms were good!

You could take the clips on your table and clip it at the counter for Pasta (Vongole, Bacon, or Mushrooms), grilled meat, or hotpots (Seafood Hotpot and Udon). I tried the Vongole Cream Pasta and it was good! The cream was light and tasty and the clams were fresh and juicy. The grilled meat, and Seafood Hotpot were fairly decent.

I was completely swept off my feet my the dessert counter, which is situated slightly apart from the main food counter. There was a large variety of mousse, cheesecake, macaroons, mochi and ice cream. I was especially fond of the Tofu Cheesecake, mochi, and chocolate macaroon. 

This buffet is indeed value for money, and I enjoyed the wide spread of tasty food. Will be back!

Update 6 June 2013: I went back last week for dinner with the boyfriend and oh my goodness, the food was completely lack-lustre, the selection had dwindled tremendously, and even dessert failed to get me excited. That was how bad it is. I am not going back ever again unless somehow, miraculously, they improve their standards.

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