Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mad Nest

Dropped by for dinner the other day as some friends commented that it was a good place for dinner and the reviews were all quite positive, so we made our way to East Coast Road for Mad Nest. It is situated right beside Two Fat Men, which serves Thai and Western food with a large array of beers. I would say that after my dinner at Mad Nest, I would gladly drop by Two Fat Men any other time instead.

The ambience of the place was marvelous. Quiet, and dimly-lit, this place looks perfect for a date if you are intending to bring someone special out for dinner. But bear in mind that neither of you should have very high expectations of the standard of the food lest you give a bad impression on your very first date. I like the little paintings on the wall, decorating an otherwise plain white wall. I also liked the concept of the brightly lit bar at the end of the room, lending its glow to the dining area.

Now, to the food. They serve a large variety of fusion food - there's Japanese, Indian, Italian, and all-day brunch. I ordered Smoked Salmon and Spinach Eggs Benedict from their all-day breakfast menu while my friend ordered Katsu Curry Udon from the Japanese menu.

The Katsu Curry Don was a huge disappointment. The katsu was thin and very dry, unlike the fat juicy katsu that I'm used to at other places. Also, it tasted slightly stale, like it had been kept frozen for a really long time and was just removed from the refrigerator and thawed like 5 minutes before. The curry was really spicy and  that's about it. I can't really taste any other flavour in the curry as it was just so spicy

The Smoked Salmon and Spinach Eggs Benedict was better. The Eggs Benedict was good with the smoked salmon and the thin layer of avocado beneath. The spinach, however, was incredibly salty. The roasted tomato was ripe, sweet and juicy, and I loved the taste of it. Overall, this dish was decent, but I certainly would not come back for more.

Come to Mad Nest if you would like a large variety of food and don't really mind the standard of the food served. Or come if you are so engrossed in staring at your partner's face and soaking in the lovely ambience to notice the disappointing food served.

To get there, I took Bus 12 from Armenian Church and alighted right opposite Mad Nest. It's about three stops after Katong Shopping Centre if I am not wrong. 

378 East Coast Road

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