Sunday, 5 March 2017

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Osaka, Japan

We stayed in Hotel Monterey Osaka which was where I stayed the last time I visited Osaka with my family. Loved the location of the hotel, and all the food outlets and shopping centres within walking distance. We also enjoyed the European design in our hotel grounds and snapped some lovely photos!

Osaka is a great place for food and some shopping, but not really the best for cherry blossom viewing. We found a great spot at Tempozan but that was about it. That said, we had a great time eating lots of tako balls and okonomiyaki, and exploring Dotonburi together!

Osaka Castle

Not a spectacular site for cherry blossom viewing and, while I liked the place, I would not recommend it as a top cherry blossom viewing spot in Osaka. But Osaka Castle is a must-visit in Osaka anyway, so just drop by and snap some pictures. 

Tempozan Park

A completely spontaneous find. We were in the area for Legoland when Zg pointed out that there was a park nearby with cherry blossoms so we walked around and searched for the place. We were so happy when we found it because it was simply amazing. The best part of Tempozan Park had to be that it was completely empty when we reached in the late afternoon. Most of the cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka were so crowded by mid-day that we had to make plans to wake up at the crack of dawn to avoid the crowd. Yet here it was, a park with beautiful cherry blossoms and not a soul in sight! I love the view of the cherry blossoms in front of the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel. 

3-2 Chikko, Minato-kuOsaka 552-0021Osaka Prefecture

The trip with Zg to view the cherry blossoms in Japan was an incredible one. We ate so much yummy food, took a million pictures, and had so many lovely memories together. Am also starting to see the perks of sleeping and waking early to avoid the crowd and enjoy the beautiful sights without having to jostle with a bunch of other tourists. It also allowed me to be so much more well-rested during this trip. 

Will never forget all the happy moments oooo-ing and ahhh-ing at the cherry blossoms together! :)

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