Monday, 27 March 2017

Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外

I love to eat fish but I'm not a big fan of whole fishes (i.e. with the bone and all). Plus, I am definitely not fond of ma la sauce because the spiciness makes my tongue numb. So I am pleasantly surprised that I fell in love with this place after my first visit with my friends at work!

The place was rather empty when we first visited, but fast forward to a couple of months later, and there is a sizable crowd at Riverside Grilled Fish now. No long queues (thank god) but definitely enough people to assure us that this place can survive in Raffles City.

The process is simple enough. You get to choose the fish, the sauce, and the side dishes which will be hidden under the fish. We usually go for the sea bass, the bean paste sauce (one of the two sauces which is not spicy), and lots of side dishes like mushroom, lotus root, luncheon meat, beancurd skin, konjac, and rice cakes.

The sea bass is always very fresh and delicious. The size of the fish varies (naturally) and sometimes we get a really large sea bass and sometimes a slightly smaller one. Not a biggie for me because we are always so full after the meal anyway. 

The sea bass has generally less bones so it was very easy to dig in and enjoy the fish with the sauce. 

The first time I came we also ordered the chinese sausage rice but realized we were so full from the fish that we could hardly finish the rice. Subsequently, we always ordered the 手抓饼 which was like roti prata and soaked up the sauce really well. 

Riverside Grilled Fish is a good place for gatherings since all of us will be huddled around a table attacking the fish together. That is probably the reason why we keep returning to this place when we need a good lunch, and for birthdays and farewells.

 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre,#B1-06/07, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 179103
6352 2035

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