Monday, 13 March 2017

The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook

There are times when Zg and I have no movies we would like to watch, no window shopping we would like to do, and no particular place we would like to visit. Those are the times we would drive to Ikea and roam around randomly, dreaming up the design of our future home. We really enjoyed doing this even before we secured a place of our own, and those were the days when we lamented our BTO queue number (or more accurately the lack thereof), and built castles in the air.

We usually eat at the hawker centre nearby (the charsiew rice and avocado milkshake are extremely yums), or at the atas coffeeshop (also known as Salut Coffeeshop). But one fine day we discovered that the Bakehouse was on the Entertainer App! Hurray to discounted food!

The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook was quiet when we entered during dinner time. A few tables were occupied but it was pretty easy to get a table. We settled down and studied the menu (i.e. find out what were the mains that qualified for the one-for-one).

Truffle fries ($8). Good and fragrant. I do prefer thicker fries so this worked for me, but Zg preferred thin fries. But generally, still a good bowl of delicious fries.

Crabmeat Linguine ($22). I am generally very fond of crabmeat pasta and this was a pretty good one. Definitely not as generous as Habitat Coffee in terms of the serving of crabmeat, but still presentable.

Pasta di Mare ($25). The usual seafood pasta which was good too. Fresh seafood, al dente pasta. But I prefer the crabmeat linguine because of... my inherent bias towards crabmeat pasta!

A good place to drop by for a meal after shopping for furniture or household items at Ikea!

321 Alexandra Rd #01-14, 
Alexandra Central Mall, 159971
6250 0040
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 10 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 10 pm
Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm

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