Friday, 29 April 2016


This one is a major throwback to last year's Christmas oops!

Our usual Christmas gathering was at Artichoke this year. It is heartening to meet these folks every now and then amidst our busy schedules. It is not easy setting aside a date where all (or most) of us are free and it is always fun to meet up, have a good laugh, and spend the evening with friends I had known for more than a decade. 

Spent the day walking around Bugis with the boyfriend and reached Artichoke early before the restaurant opened so I sat outside and snapped some pictures of the nice outdoor area. We sat indoors though, because we were not too fond of the warm humid weather outdoors. 

We started the meal with hummus ($8), babaganoush ($8) which was smoked egg plant, yoghurt and pomegranate, and ebiko ($8) which was fish roe dip with cherry tomatoes and shrimp. The dips went well with the pita bread.

Housemade Feta Burrata ($24) - creamy salty cheese, bread, dirty tomato salad. This was not bad but not really my kind of thing, I guess.

Kuku Sabzi ($20) - persian egg fritata with cheese, spinach, coriander and pomegranate. Another interesting dish!

Char-grilled Pork belly ($28). This was the bomb for me! Well-marinated, juicy chunks of tender pork belly.

Smoked chicken maryland ($30). This was not bad but definitely not as good as the pork belly!

Washing everything down with a bottle of Little Creatures, lots of laughter and catching up about life was a great way to spend Saturday night. Till the next time!

161 Middle Road Singapore 188978

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