Monday, 2 May 2016

USA (Orlando) Itinerary Day 7 - Disney Magic Kingdom

Slept in a little more today so we only reached Magic Kingdom at about 8 am or 9 am. The car park was huge and we had to take a tram to the monorail station before hopping on the monorail to Magic Kingdom. The place was crazy crowded with kids and families but the experience was still magical. Disney always has the power to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Fastpass at Magic Kingdom worked differently from Tokyo's and Hong Kong's Disneyland. In Magic Kingdom, you could make Fastpass reservations online prior to arriving at the park and making more reservations after you arrive at the park. With the Fastpass system, we managed to ride on almost all the rides at Magic Kingdom with reasonable waiting times.

But frankly, rides were not the highlight at Magic Kingdom for me. I was there for the feeling of being a child all over again, looking at grand castles, delightful parades and beautiful fireworks.

Cinderella Castle.

An ice cream in the shape of a Mickey Mouse was exactly what we needed to counter the heat.

Rapunzel Castle.

Festival of Fantasy Parade! I LOVED IT.

Fireworks at the Wishes Night-time Spectacular. I love the fireworks but the reality of watching the show was much more challenging. We were squashed in front of the Cinderella Castle with tonnes of people and when the show ended, everybody wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. It was almost frightening. People were shoving, pushing, fighting their way out of the square and when I stopped to look at the map at the side of the square, I was scolded unceremoniously (to which I pretended I did not know English and continued looking at the map HAHA. Perks of being Asian). Someone needs to tell me where all these people are rushing to. 

But still, it was a magical day and a magical night. For each time I am at Disney, I must remember that all these beautiful things started with a mouse. 

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