Tuesday, 24 May 2016

USA (Orlando - Bahamas) Itinerary Day 8 - Keke's Breakfast Cafe, Royal Caribbean Cruise to Bahamas

BAHAMAS! It was pure happiness on the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Bahamas. A relaxing contrast to the hustle and bustle in New York City and the theme parks in Orlando. We were blessed with perfect weather on the cruise, good food, a well-equipped gym, poolside fun, and lots of opportunities to relax on the Bahamas islands. 

We started Day 8 with breakfast at Keke's in Orlando which was so hearty and delicious. Stef found this place through some random Googling and we drove over for our breakfast before our long drive to Port Canaveral. The portions were huge, we totally over-ordered, but we managed to finish most of it! Truly an American breakfast.

After more than an hour drive along the highway, we reached Port Canaveral, returned the rental car, and checked into the Royal Caribbean Cruise (Enchantment of the Seas).

We figured we would hardly be in the room (which certainly turned out to be true) so we picked the cheapest room category without windows. The room was small, but it was clean and tidy so it was good for us. 

After checking into our rooms, we went to the top deck to enjoy the sun, the strong sea breeze, and the clear blue cloudless sky. I felt so insanely happy at that moment.

As the afternoon wore on, the blustering wind turned chilly so Zg and I decided to hide indoors in the gym which had such a splendid view. I cycled on the stationary bike overlooking the endless sea and watched as the sun edged into the horizon.

After washing up, we headed to the main Dining Room for our dinner at our allocated time slot. The three-course dinner was served in a formal setting and we were seated with an American family. We soon realised that we would sit with them at the same table for all our dinners on the cruise. It was interesting and we had a chat with them while waiting for our food to be served. Food was great, way better than what I expected, but I had trouble finishing all three courses. Frankly, the Asian appetite cannot rival the American. 

Service was great but they do take a while to serve and we found ourselves nodding away at the table from the lack of sleep so we returned back to our rooms after dinner to repay our immense sleep debt.

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