Sunday, 5 June 2016

Pasarbella, Suntec City

I have been a fan of Pasarbella at Grandstand for a while. When I was strolling through Suntec City with the boyfriend a while back and saw Pasarbella tucked in a quiet area, I was so excited to try it! So the boyfriend and I came by after work to explore the new Pasarbella.

The concept is somewhat similar to the one in Grandstand, i.e. many little stores lining the walls with tables and chairs randomly arranged in the centre. There is more variety in the Pasarbella Grandstand though with shops selling stuff like beer, aromatherapy oils and party items, while the Pasarbella Suntec City operated mostly like a high-end food court.

We tried the Wolf Burger and I had the Pork Gochujang Burger ($9.90) which came with a pork patty siting in the bun with kimchi, cucumber, and gochujang (a bean paste sauce). The burger was very interesting and it was the first time I had korean sauce in my burger! The pork patty was a little on the thin side though which was kind of disappointing since I was totally expecting a thick juicy patty with that price. 

We also ordered the Kimchi Cheese Fries ($8). Cheese, sour cream and kimchi sauce went pretty well with the fries. This was very addictive though and I kept returning for more fries and soon found  out that I finished most of it (oops). 

On another day, before the boyfriend flew off for his work trip, he picked me up from work and we drove to Suntec City for a quick lunch. We had Cajun on Wheels this time and picked the Mixed Seafood Box. You could choose either 1 or 2 sides, and pick your sauce. I went with truffle fries as my side and cajun sauce. There were prawns, mussels, fish, baked potatoes and sweet corn in the Mixed Seafood Box and the seafood was very fresh. Sadly, the cajun sauce lacked a punch which meant that the seafood was not as tasty as it could be. I would much prefer the Louisiana styled seafood in Boiler

Pasarbella Suntec is undoubtedly more accessible as compared to Pasarbella Grandstand but it lacked all the points which made the latter attractive. It was not laid back (I sensed many hurried souls around this place thanks to the largely office crowd on the weekdays that I visited), felt like an upmarket food court with nothing exceptionally interesting, and was really pretty boring. Give me Pasarbella Grandstand anytime, please!

Pasarbella Suntec City

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