Sunday, 19 June 2016

Oriole Coffee and Bar at Capitol Piazza

We decided to catch up over lunch at Oriole Coffee and Bar which was wonderfully peaceful and quiet. My last visit to Oriole was at their Somerset outlet for brunch and I thought I would give their new outlet a try. Ordered the Capellini Crab meat, which was capellini with crab meat served in aglio olio style. The original price of the capellini was $26 but I got it at a discount thanks to the lunch set which came with a coffee. I had my usual flat white which did a perfect job of waking me up after my heavy lunch. The Capellini Crabmeat was good, al dente pasta, lightly tossed in olive oil, and a generous heap of crab meat! I am used to having my crab meat pasta in tomato sauce and this aglio olio styled crab meat pasta was such a refreshing change. Coffee at Oriole was also really good, not too acidic, and just nice for me.

I liked Oriole at Capitol Piazza so much that I returned a few weeks later on a lazy Saturday afternoon for some me time over a cup of flat white and a Milan Kundera. The boyfriend was away for a work trip that weekend and I took the time off to run some errands before settling down in Oriole for my peaceful me time. I enjoyed my afternoon there, mostly because it was quiet and empty, and I did not feel pressured to leave. This is a perfect spot to do some quiet reading on a weekend!

Capitol Piazza

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