Sunday, 18 October 2015

Hoshino Coffee, Capitol Piazza

Capitol Piazza is the spanking new mall across the street from Raffles City Shopping Centre. It is a stone throw away from office and we head there whenever we feel like treating ourselves to something nice. The boutiques are generally upscale and not many people actually do their shopping there (or at least that is what I observe from the days and nights I walk through Capitol Piazza to get to and from office).One of the best kept secrets of Capitol Piazza, however, has to be a llao llao outlet without any queue! Omg yes, you read that right, no queue. I love it to bits. I walk over for my lunchtime froyo treat and get myself a petit llao whenever I feel like I need a froyo. There is also Kaiserhaus which serves delicious Austrian fare. 

There is also a Hoshino Coffee in Capitol Piazza and that was where we went for lunch one day for our girly chat session.

I had the Seafood Pasta which was really good! Portions were big and hearty, pasta was al dente, seafood was fresh and the thick tomato base was awesome. Pick this if you prefer strong tastes and something heavy on your palette.

The Hoshino Spaghetti ($14) comes with veggies, sausages, shimeiji, poached egg and al dente spaghetti tossed in a light sauce. I personally prefer the Seafood Pasta but you should definitely go for the Hoshino Spaghetti if you are fond of the Aglio Olio style pasta. 

Pancake Souffle with a side of soft serve. I really really like this! It was fluffy yet thick and went super well with honey and soft serve. 

The Matcha Souffle was much softer and kind of mushy on the inside. I prefer the Pancake Souffle for its chewy texture but I have a friend who is really in love with the soft mushy texture of the Matcha Souffle!

The Hoshino Blend coffee was one of the best black coffee I have ever tried. I am not usually fond of black coffee (I prefer my coffee with milk hence the usual flat whites) but was told that I should definitely try the coffee without milk first before adding some if I wish. I ended up finishing my cup without milk! It was fragrant yet subtly sweet at the same time. The coffee was rather acidic though which was not too good for my stomach.

I returned on other days with some old friends as well as my division and tried the Pancake Souffle with Chocolate Banana and Pancake Souffle with fruits. Both were very good! I have to say, though, that Hoshino's soft serve seems to be consistently in a half-melted state. Or maybe the Pancake Souffle was left sitting out in the open for a while before serving.

Hoshino is a good Japanese cafe with awesome pasta dishes, good coffee, and fantastic desserts. It is a place where you can visit for a full meal followed by desserts or just for desserts after a meal elsewhere. The service crew can be rather stubborn (refusing to provide chocolate sauce for our matcha souffle even if we were willing to pay for it), perhaps for the good of the food. Otherwise, service was decent. I have returned numerous times since the first time I tried Hoshino and I think I will continue to return!

#B2-55 Capitol Piazza (they have other outlets at Plaza Singapura and Suntec)

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