Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Botanic Gardens and Earth Jar Treasure Herbal Soup, Sin Ming

Went along with my parents to visit the Botanic Gardens one Sunday afternoon. It was so relaxing to walk along winding paths which cut through lots of beautiful greenery, watch families laze on blankets set on the grass, kids kicking a ball around, and happy happy sounds in the large garden. It reminded me of Central Park, just much hotter and way more humid. Free entry into the National Orchid Garden where so many beautiful species of orchids were on display but it was so crowded in there! I prefer the luscious greenery in other parts of the Botanic Gardens instead. 

I don't remember hanging out with my family in Botanic Gardens when I was a kid. It was a lifestyle that we had neither the luxury nor the time to adopt. My growing years were dotted with memories of my dad working long hours to make ends meet and all of us struggling in one way or another. It is heartening that as my brother and I grew up, my parents could take time off to go to places they do not usually go (with me tagging along) and spend time together. 

It was almost dinnertime by the time we were done strolling through the park and my dad suggested heading to Sin Ming for herbal soup and zichar. The Earth Jar Treasure Herbal Soup is a small shop housed in a coffee shop on the ground floor of a long HDB block. They had a wide selection of herbal soup and some zi char dishes. We picked the lotus pork rib soup, stir-fried potato leaves, beansprouts and sambal sotong.

I am a huge fan of herbal soup and the one at Earth Jar was awesome! The ingredients were stuffed inside a porous bag so that they will not drift around in the soup. This solves the problem of having to sieve out the dregs of the soup. So thoughtful! The soup was thick and flavorful. 

The stir-fried dishes had good wok hei and I love their sambal!

Truth be told, the selection of stir-fried dishes was limited and there was not much to choose from. But the thick soup, hearty stir-fried dishes and homely taste more than made up for the lack of choice. After all, what is the use of variety if nothing hits the mark right?

We went over to Udders where I hopped off and bought some ice cream for my parents and myself! It was a good good Sunday :)

It was not easy to get here and I can foresee that I won't be back unless I get a car or someone offers to drive me. But if you stay in the area, do visit!

#01-244 77 Eating House
22 Sin Min Road
9383 1864

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