Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bedrock Bar and Grill

Used the Entertainer App and brought the boyfriend to Bedrock Bar and Grill for a pre-birthday dinner! It was essentially just a reason for me to bring him to try something different and (hopefully) yummy. The low tables at the back of the restaurant were full so we were ushered to a high table in front of the bar.

Bedrock Smoked Tomato Soup ($16). Delicious tomato soup with a distinctive smokey flavour. The server was so kind to arrange for the soup to be separated when he heard that we were sharing.

Chopped Steak Burger ($38). Prime beef, bacon, fried egg, mustard barbecue sauce, oak-smoked aged cheddar and fries. The boyfriend thought the beef burger was good but not as good as those he tried in New York. But I guess it is tough to beat the beef in US!

Applewood Grilled Chicken ($38). Boneless baby chicken, roasted celeriac, and white truffle butter. The white truffle butter (that slab you see sitting on the chicken) was very interesting and fragrant. However, the chicken was a little dry at some parts. It is incredibly tough to find good tender grilled chicken!

The service at Bedrock Bar and Grill was attentive and prompt. I have nothing but praise for the crew at Bedrock. Food-wise, there were hits and misses but really nothing much to scream about. I will come back using the Entertainer App but it is unlikely that I will make an effort to return to Bedrock Bar and Grill just for the food. I feel almost bad for saying this but ah, wonderful service sadly does not make up for mediocre food.

#01-05 Pan Pacific Service Suites (beside Somerset 313, exit through the door next to Marche)
12:00 to 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm to 12 am

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