Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chick and Ken, Lorong Telok

Another Korean fried chicken store and this one is in the hood! Our office hood, that is. After Kko Kko Nara, Choo Choo Chicken and Chir Chir Chicken, I have to say that I am rather addicted to korean fried chicken. They definitely do it better than the usual Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeyes.

Chick and Ken has a $9.90 set lunch which allows you to choose one flavour of chicken and one side. All meals come with a complimentary ice tea. Most of us wanted to try both the salted egg and soy and garlic flavours so we formed pairs and ordered one each so that we could share!

I am convinced that salted egg anything is yummy. The salted egg sauce was good and went well with the fried chicken. That said, the sauce and fried chicken tasted separate and the chicken meat itself was not well-marinated. 

The soy and garlic flavour fried chicken was different. The chicken was well-marinated and absorbed the soy and garlic sauce well.  

We ordered rice with kimchi as our sides which was normal white rice with a small serving of kimchi. For some reason I was expecting something similar to Choo Choo's kimchi and tuna rice burger. Oops, wrong expectations! Furthermore, both wings were somehow more tender and juicy as compared to the drumlets which were a tad dry. 

Truffle fries!

The fried chicken at Chick and Ken was not bad and I would come back if I was craving for korean fried chicken during lunch. However, Chir Chir still remains my favourite korean fried chicken shop now. 

21 Lorong Telok (we walked along Circular Road and took the right fork)
+65 9652 0905, +65 9295 9309, +65 9150 7257
Reservations were not allowed during lunch but it was not too crowded anyway.

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