Monday, 31 August 2015

At 27

So I turned a year older over the weekend and I thought, life is actually pretty all right now. I have many things to be thankful for, a family, a loving boyfriend, sweet old friends, a job which allows me to do meaningful work with some of the smartest and kindest people ever, friends in the office who always have my back. I still hit the gym weekly and enjoy a drink every now and then. I indulge in food all the time. I also took up yoga this year which taught me to breathe deeply and let it go. So I thought, maybe I have reached a stage where I have matured and grown so much that I have got things sorted. 

But obviously that is not true. While I am immensely contented, there are always things I can learn or continue learning. Certain events recently taught me that resilience is important. Things were tough, are tough, or will be tough. But I have the strength and the attitude to continue on ahead. I may not be the brightest, prettiest or most courageous. But I have a backbone of steel. You can trample over me and I will rise again undefeated. I will keep rising and we will see who has greater will - you in walking all over me or me in continuously rising each time I fall. I may trip and fall, I may lie in the dirt for a bit, but nothing, absolutely nothing will keep me down. 

To borrow my favourite phrase from E, it is all in the mind.

It IS all in the mind. And my mind is stronger than you can ever believe it to be. Fuck yeah. 

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