Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Standing Sushi Bar, Queen Street, Momolato, SMU

Tx, Ben and I met for our last dinner in 2014 (yes this post is long overdue oops)! We decided to go for Monday Madness at Standing Sushi Bar where 5 slices of salmon sashimi were going for $3 and umeshu was going for $2! I left office and took a nice long stroll from my office to Queen Street which was about 10 to 15 minutes away. The evening was cool and my walk to Queen Street took me past the Peranakan Museum. For some random reason, I decided to go in and check out the museum on a whim. The museum was interesting but I was done pretty quickly (like in 15 minutes?) and I hurried on to the Standing Sushi Bar. 

Tx made a reservation for us and we were in the door the moment we reached without having to join the long queue outside. Such a relief since I queued for a long while the previous time I visited (also for Monday Madness)!

Almost immediately after settling down, we decided to order 6 orders (30 pieces of sashimi) to share!

We also had the Prawn King Roll ($18.90) which was decent. Sushi rolls with a thin layer of avocado.

Bacon with Enoki Mushroom! I love bacon and enoki mushrooms (or pork belly with enoki mushrooms) grilled to perfection and served hot and crispy! The bacon was a tad too salty but this was overall still fantastic. It is hard to go wrong with the deadly combination of bacon and enoki mushrooms. 

Pork Belly Yakitori was hot, peppery, and tender! When I bit into it, the peppery taste of the pork left a lingering taste in my mouth. The chunks of pork were tender and juicy, very well-marinated, and perfectly grilled.

All Salmon Roll ($16), with seared salmon was yummy! I just love anything with seared salmon.

When we were happy and full, we left the noisy and crowded Standing Sushi Bar and walked slowly to Momolato in SMU. I generally avoid SMU like a plague and I refuse to go anywhere near the school buildings if I could help it. Too many memories that I want to run away from. But I heard about the popsicles at Momolato and was really keen to try. My green tea popsicle was yums with tiny marshmallows at the bottom.

We bought our popsicles and sat down to a nice long chit chat. It felt great to hang out with a good old friend and her husband, laughing about everything and nothing, talking about stuff, some serious stuff, some not-so-serious stuff, some gossip, but mostly just hanging out and enjoying the night. I had a lot of fun that night and we should definitely do it again soon!

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen Street
12:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 22:00 

SMU, School of Economics and Social Sciences (the school building near The Cathay)
90 Stamford Road 

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