Friday, 6 February 2015

Marmalade Pantry, Ion

The initial plan was to meet up with the girls in Clarke Quay but due to some last minute incidents, we ended up at Marmalade Pantry in Ion instead. It was a tiring day for me, and I was in a bad mood (blame PMS) so I was extremely grumpy on the bus to Ion. To make things worse, the bus was caught in a jam and I was running late because my initial plan was to walk to Clarke Quay (which would take me less than 10 minutes) but now I had to take a bus in the rain to Orchard instead (which took me almost 20 minutes). Ugh. Just when I was huffing and puffing on the bus and being generally an unpleasant soul, I realised I was standing next to the office cleaning auntie who, as usual, greeted me with a huge smile. It was during that conversation that I realised she worked really long hours and had to survive a terribly long commute to and from home every day. I truly felt like slapping myself at that moment. There I was, cursing and swearing because of some minor things that were completely out of my control (like last minute change in plans, being cold and wet from the rain despite an umbrella, being stuck in a massive jam) and these things were not even constants! Yet the cleaning auntie faces her daily work and horrendous commute with such good cheer. I  was honestly embarrassed at myself at that moment sigh. 

Anyway so I reached Ion really late and made my way to Marmalade Pantry. The best part of the meal was the truffle fries but I forgot to take a picture of them so just imagine a bunch of fat fries in a white bowl. Yupp, those truffle fries were fried in fragrant truffle oil and were so crispy!

Stef's Spicy Crab meat Linguine which I helped myself to. Al dente linguine which absorbed the tasty spicy tomato sauce and generous servings of crab meat. The pasta was good but the Crab meat Pasta at Halia was definitely better. 

My Oriental Grilled Salmon with Soba was sad. The slab of salmon was well grilled but it tasted like nothing. The salmon was not sweet with freshness, it was not well-marinated with anything, and I just felt like I was simply putting bits of something into my mouth. The soba was equally sad. Strips of cucumber sitting on top of strands of limp soba doused with sauce.

This place is forgettable. I literally do not remember its existence unless we park in Ion, take the escalator down and walk by Marmalade Pantry. 

#03-22 ION Orchard
Daily 10:00 - 22:00

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