Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tokyo with Zg Day 3, DISNEY SEA!!!

This was definitely one of the highlights of our Tokyo Trip. I LOVE DISNEY SEA! Like seriously, I loved every minute we spent in Disney Sea and it was such an awesome magical experience.

It was an overcast morning and we woke up exceptionally early in hopes of reaching Disney Sea when it opened. The train ride from Shinjuku to Maihama Station took awhile in an extremely crowded train carriage and we were so happy when we were finally going to board the Disney Resort Line! As with the usual Disney Resort Line, the train carriages were decorated in the iconic Mickey Mouse fashion.

Disney Sea was SO crowded. The queues were long everywhere so we dashed about quickly to grab our Fast Pass for the Journey to the Center of the Earth in the Mysterious Island. Remember Fast Pass are really important! I would recommend Journey to the Center of the Earth and Indiana Jones Fast Passes. If you are into roller coasters and thrilling rides, Raging Spirits and Tower of Terror are good options too!

After grabbing our Fast Pass for the Journey to the Center of the Earth, we sped away to 20,000 Leagues under the Sea which was a ride that mimicked a bronze submarine going deep under the waters. Very interesting with weird colorful creatures floating around. 

We waited for about an hour until we could use our Fast Pass for the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Interesting high speed ride with a mini roller coaster effect near the end. 

We came the week before Halloween so Disney Sea was covered with colorful Halloween decorations! The American Waterfront was beautiful and I love the quaint little shop houses housing lots of cafes and gift shops.

It started to rain in the late morning and I was getting cold and wet. Thankfully I brought a poncho along so I could save the trouble of having to open and close the umbrella. Zg was wearing a waterproof hoodie so he was warm and snug, save for his shoes which were soaked through. Ugh, rainy weather meant that my photos turned out looking dark, gloomy, and sad! Like this picture of the majestic Tower of Terror at the American Waterfront. 

We had lunch in a little cafe in the Lost River Delta. Taco rice with cheese, salsa, chorizo and salad. Keeping with the Halloween theme, our taco rice came in the shape of a skull! 

Zg spotted these babies in the display cabinet. The cupcake and custard came with a Disney Sea Halloween-themed plate and cup respectively! We decided to buy one each even though we were so full from our taco rice. I mean, there is always space for desserts right?

I realised we were pretty much in couple attire for the entire trip. Black jacket and jeans. I certainly could do with more make up and colourful clothes but seriously, I was just too lazy to pack more coats. Also, you cannot see it from this picture, but I made a huge effort to bring my colorful jeans!

Arabian Coast and the Caravan Carousel. Yes, I made my boyfriend sit on that carousel with me because we were kids for just that one day. We also rode Jasmine's Flying Carpet to the song "A Whole New World". Ahhhh I love Disney sound tracks!

The storm clouds cleared and the sun reared its beautiful head in the late afternoon and I managed to snap this picture of a setting sun behind the Port Discovery. We took the Storm Rider here and the storm effects were fantastic!

We missed all the performances and only managed to catch a glimpse of the mascots on the boat at the Mediterranean Harbor. The iconic buildings lit up under the rays of the setting sun and it was just a beautiful moment. 

When night fell, Disney Sea glowed. It truly felt like I was immersed in a magical land, some place far far away from reality, where everything was perfect, happy, and beautiful.

We had dinner at the New York Deli where we ate some simple sandwiches and Alien-shaped mochi! The mochi was served in an alien-shaped container and I brought the container home happily.

The larger Alien was a popcorn holder. Zg and I walked the entire Disney Sea compound a couple of times searching for the popcorn stand selling this particular holder. We found the Minnie Mouse holder and the Mr Potato Holder, but we just could not locate the Alien holder. Eventually, we were desperate and approached a young girl to ask where she bought hers. The young lady was so helpful and pointed out the place on a map (it was near the American Waterfront) so we headed there in a rush to secure the popcorn holder before the store closed!

We also had Mickey-shaped churros at a stand near the New York Deli. This churros was warm, crispy, not too sweet, and delicious!

Toy Story Mania was bright, sparkly and golden at night. It was incredibly beautiful! I felt like I was walking in a large Christmas Market with Toy Story Posters around me. Temperature was dropping steadily at night and a strong gust of wind swirled around as we explored Toy Story Mania.

We watched Fantasia, which was an amazing water show complete with fireworks and lots of Disney tunes, before leaving Disney Sea. Everybody would crowd around the Mediterranean Harbor and Amercian Waterfront to watch Fantasia so you might wish to secure a spot earlier. We found a spot when the show was about to start and it was so lucky that we managed to do so!

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