Thursday, 27 November 2014

Plonk, Serangoon Gardens

My friend recommended the anchovies at Plonk and said that I have to try them. I have yet to try anchovies and thought this might be interesting so we headed over to Plonk. Plonk was situated in the Serangoon Gardens area on Maju Avenue. The place seemed empty on a weekday night but the waitress told us that the second floor was closed that day so we were led to a corner table on the first floor instead. 

The menu was extensive with an impressive selection of tapas. We picked the Marinated White Anchovies ($10) and the Bilbao chorizo, mushrooms, and champagne vinegar ($11).

The Bilbao chorizo, mushrooms, and champagne vinegar ($11) was incredibly salty. I liked the juicy mushrooms but the dish as a whole was really salty. My friend suggested that the dish was so salty because of the chorizo but I was not convinced. Anyway we did not finish this because it was rather meh. 

The Marinated White Anchovies ($10) was decent. This was one of those dishes which you would either love or hate. My friend noted that it was an acquired taste. I was all right with it but I would not jump up to order it anytime soon. 

I ordered the House made gnocchi, with smoked bacon passata ($16). It was rather normal. Thick tomato paste with smoked bacon slices. I am not exactly sure whether it was worth the buck and the calories. 

My friend's Tiger prawn risotto, lemon, basil, asparagus, crème fraiche ($19). This was rather bland, I have to say.

As a whole, my experience at Plonk was rather disappointing. I am sorry, friend. I have always adored your recommendations but this was really off the mark. Perhaps we ordered the wrong things that night or maybe I just don't have the acquired taste needed to enjoy the food at Plonk. To our next foodie adventure!

Serangoon Garden Estate, 7 Maju Avenue
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 01:00
Sat & Sun: 09:00 - 02:00

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