Friday, 28 November 2014

New Ubin Seafood, Sin Ming

I heard loads of good stuff about New Ubin Seafood from many people at work and I decided that I just have to try this for myself. Located in the industrial estate along Sin Ming Road, this place was rather inaccessible and I was waiting for the opportune moment when I could hitch a ride to New Ubin. Eventually, I decided to create this opportunity when my brother's and dad's birthdays were around the corner and I suggested that we have dinner at New Ubin Seafood.

I called to make a reservation on Saturday morning and was told that they were fully booked on Sunday except for a slot at 8 pm. Might be a good idea to call earlier in advance so that you could have an earlier dinner. I made plans for a late lunch with my parents so that a late dinner would not make us too hungry. 

When we arrived at 8 pm, the place was crowded. All the tables were full and kids were running about while families were chatting exuberantly. We settled down at our table and flipped through the menu quickly.

For our daily dose of veggies, we ordered the Stir Fried Garlic Dou Miao ($10). This was ordinary, nothing spectacular. Crunchy dou miao fried with chopped garlic.

Har Cheong Kai ($14) was a recommended item on the menu so we went with it. This was good, crispy skin, juicy chicken meat, and the shrimp paste was so fragrant!

The Salted Egg Squid ($14) was another recommended item on the menu so yes we ordered it too! I really liked this dish. The squid was soft and not overcooked, the salted egg sauce was just so thick! I could taste chunks of real salted egg in the thick sauce which coated the squid evenly. I would recommend this dish if you are at New Ubin.

The Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle ($12) was highly recommended by my friend at work who could not stop raving about it. But I have to admit, this was solid and totally worthy of an incessant amount of praise. The broth tasted of fresh sweet prawns and it was just bliss swallowing mouthfuls of noodles coated with that delicious sauce. I was not paying too much attention on the assorted seafood since the main attraction in the Hokkien Mee was definitely the broth. 

Oyster Omelette with Sambal Blachan ($16). This was average, just normal fried egg with oysters and sambal tossed on top. I would give it a miss if I return. 

The Back Ribs were also highly recommended by my friend so we ordered half a rack ($38). Unfortunately, the Back Ribs left us sorely disappointed. The ribs were not well-marinated and tasted like the chef merely grilled them and smeared some sauce on top. It was also not tender enough, and required quite a bit of chewing to get the meat off the bone. Overall this was one sad dish.

Large Barbecued Tiger Prawns ($45). The prawns were overcooked and lacked the juicy texture I expected. They were generally quite fresh and easy to peel off from the shell. Unfortunately, the tough texture of the prawns meant that this dish was not really enjoyable. I would much prefer juicy crunchy prawns as compared to tough overcooked prawns.

Perhaps all the good stuff that I heard about New Ubin meant that my expectations were naturally very high. The food was generally ok, with some items exceeding my expectations while others falling short. It was overall a good hearty meal but I doubt I would be excitedly planning my next trip to New Ubin unless I have a craving for their Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle.

Block 27 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A
Daily 11:30 to 14:30; 17:30 to 22:30

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