Saturday, 18 October 2014

Macau Fong Cheng Cuisine, Chinatown, Smith Street

Say hello to another awesome zi char find! I love zi char because they are affordable, easily accessible, completely unpretentious, and often possess fantastic wok hei. I am especially fond of the Cantonese style of zi char because they serve delicious double-boiled soups! Slurps.

Anyway, the Chinatown Complex Market at Smith Street is truly a gem. They serve the best yam cake, the best ikan bilis yong tau foo (Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Foo), the best clay pot rice (Lian He Ben Ji), and some of the best zi char ever. I grew up eating these yummy food and I used to come here rather often when I was younger. Back then, I still had time to follow my mum to People's Park and Chinatown to buy stuff. Nowadays I leave the shopping in her good hands even though I still tag along every now and then. 

My family wanted to try New Ubin Seafood tonight but we could not get a reservation for 6:30 pm. So we decided to make a trip to Chinatown for zi char. My mum recommended Macau Fong Cheng Cuisine so that was what we had. 

Chicken Feet and Peanut Soup. This is one power-pack soup. Thick and robust traditional double boiled soup which smelled great and tasted even better. 

Stir-fried chicken in salt. The wok hei in this dish is incredible. The chicken was well-fried on the outside yet extremely tender within. Very tasty dish.

I have no idea what this vegetable is called in English. We call this Yao Men in Cantonese (some pretty poor translation there). We had this vegetable fried with fermented bean curd and it was really yummy. Crunchy veggies in a delicious sauce. 

Sour plum boneless pork ribs. This was interesting - pork ribs coated with a tangy sweet and sour sauce. It was good but I would not rave about it.

Eggplant and fish stew in black pepper. This was wonderful. The fish and eggplant absorbed the delicious black pepper sauce and went very well with white rice.

Rice was free! We had a refill and it was also free! Fantastic. I know I sound really auntie but hey, who doesn't like free rice right? We paid a total of $40 for all the dishes. Such a good deal! Even the substandard zi char near my place costs more than this and the food is not even comparable. This is a really good zi char for the price we paid. 

The Chinatown Complex is pretty big so take your time to walk around and see if anything catches your eye. If nothing catches your eye, drop by Macau Fong Cheng Cuisine. Or if the queue at Lian He Ben Ji Clay Pot Rice is too frightening, drop by Macau Fong Cheng Cuisine. 

Update: October 2015 - No more free rice refill when I went back recently. While it was a nice gesture to have free rice refill, I don't really mind so much that they are now charging for rice (everybody is). Plus standard of the dishes was still very good!

Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-211 Chinatown Complex Market

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