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Boracay, Philippines Day 4 - Sailing with Red Pirates and Manoc Manoc, Summer Palace, Juice Bar

We took a trike after breakfast to Station 3 and reached the Red Pirates Pub by 11 am. We were going to sail to the Carabao Island and Puka Shell Beach today! We paid P700 each for the day trip (inclusive of a BBQ lunch and booze) and were joined by 8 others for the trip. When the boats were ready, we clambered onto one and soon we were on our way!

Stef and I were on board the Love Song and trust me, there was nothing more amazing than stretching out on the net, feeling the wind in your hair, and enjoying the sunshine on your face.

We reached Carabao Island after sailing for awhile. There were no tourists in sight except us and it felt like a tranquil little place which is accessible only to those who know where to look.

We took a stroll around the island and found another stretch of beach on the other side of Carabao Island. We climbed up a small slope and enjoyed the view from above. A long stretch of sand, tall trees, clear blue waters which stretched out as far as our eyes could see. It was beautiful and peaceful.

That's Captain Joey (the one holding the fish) with the owner of Carabao Island. Life is simple on Carabao Island and the owner had just returned from a fishing trip after catching that huge fish. I was so amazed that the fish was longer than my forearm that I just had to take a picture!

When we were done exploring the island, we returned to find that the food and drinks were unloaded from the boats and the crew had started a fire to prepare our BBQ lunch. We were soon opening beer bottles and drinking ice cold beers while chatting along the shore. The BBQ lunch was fantastic! The meats were incredibly well-marinated and the fish was so fresh. I love the crispy pork and the baby potatoes in butter!

When we were done with lunch, the crew packed up and we were on our way to Puka Shell Beach. Stef and I climbed onto the other sailboat this time (the Red Pirates) and both boats sailed to the Puka Shell Beach. The white powdery sand along Puka Shell Beach was perfect! It felt almost like flour and I was having a lot of fun wriggling my toes into the sand. The waters at Puka Shell Beach were so blue and so clear as well, with hardly any rocks, so I spent a lot of time bobbing up and down in the water with another bottle of beer in hand. This was where I lost track of time. 

Eventually I pulled myself out of the water when someone came over to tell me that the Rum Cocktails were flowing. The crew had settled down under a large rock and were preparing rum cocktails (Boracay Rum with chunks of juicy watermelon). The rum cocktails were amazing! I drank a couple and enjoyed the steady sea breeze along the beach. Stef was way more adventurous and sporty. She went to swim before returning for a cocktail and then disappeared to explore a cave. Amazing. All I did was sit under the large rock drinking cocktails. Ahhhhh well. 

We sailed back to Red Pirates in the late afternoon. Such a pity that it was a cloudy day and there was not much sunset that evening. I can only imagine that it would be so amazing to view a spectacular sunset from a sailboat out in the middle of the sea. It was dark when we finally reached Red Pirates and Stef and I did crazy things like chasing each other along the shore and sitting in a small boat to park the larger sailboats.

We went back to Punta Rosa to shower and change before going back to Red Pirates where we had agreed to meet Jessie for Fiesta. Fiesta was the local party at Manoc Manoc and we wanted to see how the locals partied so we decided to tag along. Fiesta was such an eye opener! The party was held in an indoor basketball court converted to a dance floor and clubbing music was blaring from overhead speakers. There was a DJ at the back of the court and disco lights illuminated the place. Everyone bought booze from a small convenience store outside and came in to join the fun. We sat down on some chairs at the side and enjoyed the music for awhile before joining the rest on the dance floor. This is truly an experience of a lifetime! Thank you Jessie, Sarah, and Rob for taking us there and for being such amazing local hosts!

We left Manoc Manoc when we finished our drinks and returned to Red Pirates Pub. At night, Red Pirates Pub transformed into a comfortable place where locals gathered to chill out and enjoy some acoustic music. It was very different from the hippie vibe of the bars in Station 2 and I like it.

Stef and I took a stroll along the beach from Station 3 to Station 2. We checked out Juice Bar (which was something like a gay bar) and Summer Palace (a club). We reached Exit Bar where we had planned to meet up with the others who sailed together in the day but we were late and the bar was closed. Eventually we decided to take the trike back to Punta Rosa and call it a night.

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