Thursday, 2 October 2014

Boracay, Philippines, Day 3 - Lemon I Cafe, Bella Isa Spa, Red Pirates Pub, Aria Cucina Italiana, Bom Bom Bar, Epic Club

Stef woke up super early for a dive while I slept in. I woke up in the late morning and dragged myself to the rooftop for breakfast before returning to the room to laze around with Running Man on my Samsung tablet. When I had enough of lazing around, I ventured out to D'mall at Station 2 to meet Stef for lunch at Lemon I Cafe. We read some awesome reviews about the food here so we decided to give it a try. Lemon I Cafe is situated in the heart of D'mall, beside the colourful Ferris wheel. 

We ordered Salmon and Fetta Quiche and Lemon Club Sandwich to share. Both were good and light, fantastic for lunch. 

We also wanted to try the famous Lemon i Cheesecake so we ordered one to share. The cheesecake was lemony and tangy on one side but completely plain on the other. I'm guessing they did not spread the lemon sauce evenly throughout the cake. What a bummer. This had the potential to be a really delicious lemon cheesecake but the one we tried was only delicious on one side.

We took a trike to Station 3 for my massage at Bella Isa Spa. There were numerous spas in Boracay but Bella Isa Spa came highly recommended so I called them in the morning and made a reservation. I chose the 60 minutes full body massage package (P1170) and opted for shiatsu because I did not want any oil on my body. The weather was really hot and I was all sweaty by the time I reached Bella Isa Spa so I asked to use their shower facilities which came with an extra charge. Stef went off to explore Station 3 while my muscles were kneaded and squeezed for 60 relaxing minutes. I had a small private room to myself but ventilation was poor and the room became rather stuffy after awhile. When I told the masseur that it was getting warm in the room, she switched on the cooler and that made the massage experience much better. I have to say that I enjoyed her skills and massage much better than the room I was in. It was daytime when I left Bella Isa Spa but I forgot to take a picture so this is the picture of Bella Isa Spa at night.

Stef was waiting for me at Bella Isa Spa's entrance when I finished and we took a short stroll down Station 3 to Red Pirates Pub. Red Pirates Pub felt... just so comfortable. Like I can imagine living in Boracay and coming down to Red Pirates Pub every night after work to hear live acoustic music, sit in a corner while the night wrapped me in its warm arms, sipping a beer. We sat down on the stone benches along the beach, ordered two bottles of San Miguel, and watched yet another beautiful sunset. Sunsets marked the days in Boracay. I love sunset everywhere but the sunset at Boracay was truly majestic, especially when I am enjoying it with a beer in hand. And of course not forgetting to sail fast live slow. 

When the last ray of sunlight disappeared into the horizon and a heavy darkness fell upon us, we sat there in the darkness and finished our beers. The boss of Red Pirates Pub came over and asked if we would like to sail out to the nearby islands the next day. It would be a day trip with roughly 10 people and included a bbq lunch and booze. This sounded like a good deal to us at P700 so we agreed and told him we would come by tomorrow morning. When we finished our beers, we said goodbye and made our way back to Station 2 for dinner at Aria Cucina Italiana.

We chose to sit outdoors on the beach and picked a table closest to the sea. It was almost therapeutic to feel the sea breeze, hear the crashing waves, but because it was so dark, we could see nothing at all in the distance except darkness. And thankfully, there were no sand flies.

We chose Parma Ham Pasta in White Truffle Sauce and Parmigiana with Baked Potatoes. The white truffle sauce was fragrant but the pasta was a bit heavy and greasy. The Parmigiana was good, the eggplant was soft and mushy, cheese was abundant, and the tomato sauce was delicious! I am starting to believe that you will never go wrong with Parmigiana. 

After a good meal at Aria, we moved on in search of a place with good music and booze. We settled down at Bom Bom Bar where there was live music on the beach and everyone was relaxing on chairs lined up neatly on the beach. Reggae is big in Boracay and Bom Bom Bar is possibly the place to be for reggae music. Unfortunately, neither Stef nor I were fans of reggae music so we left after our first drink. 

We found Sand Bar where a fire-dancing performance was in action. Fire-dancing is also very big in Boracay and Sand Bar probably does it best. We stopped for a while to watch the exciting fire-dancing performance before moving on to Epic Club. We ended our night at Epic (cover charge at P300 with 2 drinks) where they played the usual hip hop, R&B, and clubbing music late into the night. The place was packed with tourists though we also made friends with a Filipino couple from Manila. Filipinos are just so friendly! Epic is definitely the place to go for good clubbing music, dancing, and cheap booze. 

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