Friday, 27 June 2014

Bacon and Booze, Punggol

The boyfriend and I were searching for interesting places to keep ourselves entertained in Singapore. We love each other's company tremendously but we were quickly running out of activities to do in Singapore. The best friend forwarded this link to me and the boyfriend decided one Saturday that we were going to check out some of these awesome places.

Our first stop was Bacon and Booze. It took awhile to get there and it was a truly deserted place. The road leading to Bacon and Booze was long and winding, lined with tall trees on both sides, and no other cars in the vicinity. It was exceedingly calm and peaceful.

We parked at the small car park nearby and walked over to Bacon and Booze. It was located in front of the Punggol Stables and you could see the small carriage-shaped chalets at the back. 

The food menu was simple, with all day breakfast, mains, and meat. The selection of beers was good too!

Bacon and Booze was casual, laid back, and unpretentious. The place was not air-conditioned and the windows at the side were wide open to allow a light warm breeze in. I like the fact that it was not crowded, so we could sit there for a while, admiring the countryside-feel and having a nice lazy chat over lunch. I have to admit though that I would have enjoyed our lunch much better if there was air conditioning. The mid day sun in May is truly no joke. 

We ordered the Chicken Cutlet and B&B Delight to share. The Chicken Cutlet was slightly overcooked and the chicken was quite dry and not juicy. The B&B Delight was all right, nothing too spectacular, and simply tasted ordinary.

I liked the vibe in Bacon and Booze, the fact that it was so far away from everything else, and how the place felt like a hidden gem. But the food was not particularly exciting and even the stroll around Punggol Stables would not entice me to return unless Bacon and Booze serve better food.

900 Punggol Road End

Tue - Fri: 3pm to 1 am
Sat, Sun, PH: 9 am to 1 am
Closed on Mon

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