Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria

A good friend's recommendation took us to Rubato at 3 Clover Way, near Marymount MRT station. I took the Circle Line from Paya Lebar to Marymount. Rubato is a short walk away among a cluster of private properties. 

I am always amazed to find such little restaurants in obscure locations. Cajun Kings was another mind-blowing restaurant nestled among private properties. I was really anticipating dining at Rubato since reviews sounded awesome and I enjoyed eating at places which are secluded and remote. 

It was all about risotto that day so I had the seafood risotto while the good friend had crab risotto. My seafood risotto was a little too heavy and became too cloying towards the end. They were generous with the seafood and I had a large serving of clams, mussels and prawns. 

The good friend's crab risotto. Rubato mixed the crab meat within the rice grains so the crab risotto was not as smooth as mine. However, because the crab meat was mixed within the risotto, it lacked the punch which huge chunks of crab meat would have been able to deliver. I would have preferred it if they had cooked the crab meat in chunks instead of mincing it and mixing it within the risotto.

Chocolate fondant because I'm a huge fan of chocolate lava cake and because tiramisu was not a chef's recommendation. I am obviously of the opinion that the chef would have a better idea as to what constitutes awesome food in his own restaurant. The chocolate fondant was average. The chocolate lava did not ooze out of the cake steadily like I expected and it seemed a little over-baked because the exterior was really hard.

I wouldn't recommend making a trip to Rubato just for the food here because I find the food really average. Unless you have friends or family living in the area, or you are studying or teaching in the Raffles area, I don't reckon anyone should make a purposeful trip to Rubato to eat. However, Rubato is really quiet and secluded, so if you would like to have a private chat and you aren't too concerned about the food, Rubato is the place to go. 

3 Clover Way

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