Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Folks Collective, China Square

I was completely out of action for close to two weeks. Came down with what I thought was food poisoning two weeks ago but the slight fever persisted and refused to go away. Over the weekend, the situation deteriorated and by Sunday I was running a high fever and couldn't keep my food down. Paid a fateful visit to the hospital but it was another five more days before my fever subsided. So I was having a fever for almost two weeks! Incredibly scary. Took a long while to recover as well and it was another week before I could start eating more solid food. Even now my appetite is probably half of what it once was. 

Last friday I was feeling much better so I went to meet some friends for dinner. Folks Collective at China Square was suggested. It had been a year since I left work in the CBD area and to be frank, I've never looked back since. It's been long since I had dinner in the area too so I agreed and took the short stroll from my office to China Square.

Folks Collective is more accurately described as being along Nankin Row. If you are following Google Maps, you run the risk of ending up around the corner instead. So just remember to locate Nankin Row and Folks Collective is somewhere down the row of restaurants.

The deco at Folks Collective is very quaint and does not feel like a place which serves thai cuisine. It looks more like a gastrobar or a cafe than a thai restaurant. Just look at that cute red vespa and eye-catching posters all around the restaurant. It just screams a totally different vibe and not one you would associate with thai food.

The chicken wings were awesome. Well-fried, juicy and delicious.

The Chicken Green Curry was all right. Tasted like any other average green curry. The egg plant was a little too hard for my liking though. I'm used to having slightly mushy egg plants in my green curry.

The awesome phad thai. This one was good. It was not too sweet, with just the right amount of sauce and the noodles were springy and chewy.

Sambal Kang Kong which was pretty ordinary. I mean, how different can a plate of Kang Kong be, right? The bomb lies in that small plate at the back - Sun dried pork. It was marvelous! It tasted like lean pork cracklings! It was crispy, chewy, not oily and not fatty at all. It tasted more like a snack than a main dish and I can totally imagine myself chewing on the sun-dried pork happily in front of my favourite Running Men.

We ordered tom yum soup too and took the clear version because our tummies don't really agree with the coconut milk. Folks Collective was generous with the ingredients and there was a huge serving of mushrooms and seafood in the soup. I'm particularly fond of mushrooms in tom yum soup. I love how the tom yum soup explodes in your mouth when you chew on a juicy slice of mushroom.

This is an awesome place to drop by for dinner if you work in the area. It is especially attractive as a dinner location on Friday when everywhere else is mad crowded. We made a reservation for our dinner on Friday but I'm sure we would have been able to secure a table even if we had not. 

#01-25 China Square Central


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