Friday, 23 August 2013

Omakase Burger at Grandstand

The boyfriend and I went to the gym last Sunday. Since I was sick for the first half of August, I did not step into a gym for close to 3 weeks! So I was really looking forward to hitting the gym. On hindsight, that would probably be the only time I'm in the gym this August since I'm down with a flu now. I don't know what is with this bug that refuses to go away!

So the boyfriend took me to Grandstand at the old Turf Club after gymming. I haven't been to the Grandstand and was quite excited to be exploring a new location. The good thing about parking at Grandstand is that parking is free, while the bad thing is that the parking area is exposed to the scorching sun without any shade at all. So your car becomes an oven really quickly.

There were many eateries and restaurants at the Grandstand. I was so surprised! It was like a major food mecca. A friend previously recommended Omakase Burger as a worthy rival to the De Burg Burger. Another friend strongly recommended their truffle fries. So I decided to try Omakase Burger!

It operates like a fast food joint where you order your burger at the counter, receive a buzzer and wait for your buzzer to start ringing. Then you approach the serving counter to retrieve your burger.

The boyfriend had the Omakase Cheeseburger while I had the Omakase Chicken Sandwich. We also had a large truffle fries. The boyfriend commented that his Omakase Cheeseburger was too small and tasted really average.

My Omakase Chicken Sandwich was really small too. The chicken fillet was quite juicy but overall the burger tasted really ordinary. There was nothing exceptionally special about the Omakase Chicken Sandwich. I was quite disappointed by this burger actually.

The truffle fries were really fragrant and crispy. But it was crazy oily. It was good that they used a lot of truffle oil which is evident from the pungent aroma coming from the fries but the pool of truffle oil at the bottom of the plate was quite alarming. That and the cloying taste of oil that burst out from the fries when I bit into it. We had the large serving of truffle fries and I felt quite sick of it when we finished half a plate.

To me, Omakase Burgers is nowhere close to where De Burg Burger stands. The portion of the burger is small and there is nothing exciting about Omakase's burgers. Unlike De Burg which offers many different exotic flavours in their burgers, the selection of burgers at Omakase is really boring.

After finishing lunch at Omakase Burger, we took a stroll around Grandstand and went to explore Pasar Bella. Oh wow, stepping into Pasar Bella is like going into an entirely different world! Dimly-lit with a large variety of small shops selling different food items like paella, roasted meats, wines, and even a counter with fresh seafood! I was so amazed. Will definitely return to Grandstand to try Pasar Bella.

This was taken inside Pasar Bella. How awesome.

Other than food, there is really nothing much at Grandstand other than a few kiddy stores and indoor playground for kids. Awesome place for families on Sundays!

#01-05 The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road

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