Sunday, 10 March 2013

Symmetry at Jalan Kubor, Arab Street

This week had been really tiring and I really needed a break over the weekend. Am immensely glad that Stef could make it for brunch on Sunday so I suggested Symmetry because I've heard so many good things about it. Totally needed to try it for myself.

Symmetry is located at Jalan Kubor, right beside Santa Grand Hotel. I hopped onto bus number 2 opposite Kallang MRT station and reached the bus stop in front of the cafe in about ten minutes. The cafe is just a short walk from the bus stop with a sign that is so small, you might actually miss it at first glance. I loved the deco of the place. It felt rugged, cozy and whimsical all at once. It's hard to describe, but I certainly do love the feel of this place. 

We were ushered into seats along the wall as all the tables were reserved. Not a problem for us and we settled down quickly enough before staring intently at the menu. The brunch menu was very impressive. They have a wide range of starts, mains and desserts, with a separate drinks menu. Both of us ordered Eggs Benedict.

The eggs were surrounded by crispy bacon which was so sweet and yummy, accompanied by a slice of ripe tomato sitting on a piece of hash brown. I love the bacon, the tomato and the hash brown! I was especially fond of the large serving of rocket leaves with a light tangy dressing. My only grouse was that the egg white was a tad too runny, and reminded me too much of soft boiled eggs instead. But overall this dish was a winner.

Service was impeccable. They came around a couple of times to check if everything was fine and ask about the food. I like the personal touch in Symmetry, and the constant smile on the faces of the waitresses. We ordered drinks next from their extensive drinks menu. I had Berries Smoothie which was basically yoghurt with a large variety of berries while Stef had strawberry lemonade.

The Berries Smoothie was a rich yoghurt drink, filled with bits of berries in it. It was sour in the usual yoghurt sort of way and sweet because of the berries. Love the drink! Even though I would have preferred it if the drink came with a long spoon so that I can scoop the bits inside easily. Was having some trouble with the thin straw and the larger bits of berries. 

Well worth a trip on a lazy Sunday!

9 Jalan Kubor

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