Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dean and Deluca

It was a rainy Sunday morning and we reached Dean and Deluca promptly at 11am. The exterior looks chic and modern, brightly lit and very inviting. There are two seating areas, one near the entrance which is away from the counter and the other which is inside and right in front of the counter.

The cafe was still relatively empty when we entered and we chose an empty table near the counter. The counter itself was impressive and the display was absolutely tempting. I was so inclined to order everything I saw since everything looked so good. Maybe it's the lighting or the artistic display or something, I'm not sure. But this is the first time I was that impressed by something displayed over the counter. The menu itself was a huge board hanging above the counter, beneath a row of clocks showing the time in different countries. 

We got in line and ordered the American Country Breakfast and the New Yorker. The American Country Breakfast was a spread with toast, roasted cherry tomatoes, eggs (poached in our case), portobello mushrooms, sausage and bacon. It tasted great but I was just curious about why the food was not exactly warm. Somehow it felt like the food had been left to air on the counter for awhile before being served. Guess I am still pretty used to having a hot breakfast on a rainy Sunday. Makes me feel warm and snug.

The New Yorker consisted of bagel with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. I am a fan of smoked salmon and I really enjoy having eggs with smoked salmon for sunday brunch. The New Yorker was done fairly well too, with the scrambled eggs being soft and fluffy. My only gripe? It was not warm either.

Both the American Country Breakfast and the New Yorker was $22 each (inclusive of GST but without service charge). It's definitely not the cheapest brunch around but the price is competitive for a cafe in town. I liked the self-service factor in Dean and Deluca whereby we help ourselves to iced water, utensils, napkins, sugar and pepper. It's more efficient and I have always loathed waving my arms around trying to grab the attention of a flustered waitress struggling to manage the crowd on a Sunday.

Very convenient to get to Dean and Deluca. Exit from Somerset Mrt Station, walk out of 313 towards Orchard Central and take the external escalator to Level 4. Enter through the glass doors and you will find yourself right outside Dean and Deluca.

#04-23 Orchard Central 

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